Being a dentist can be chaotic. When you think about what a dentist’s office sounds like, most people envision the sound of a drill, telephones ringing nonstop, and crying in the distance. 

Being a dentist, you might think this is an unclear vision of your practice. However, we all have those days where it seems the interruptions are endless when you are trying to see a patient. That’s why we are going to share four different tips on how to stop interruptions in your practice. 

1. Stick to appointment times.

This may seem obvious, but sticking to appointment times can truly save you from a lot of interruptions. 

We often try to optimize our time by squeezing in a patient in between two other appointments whenever we can. While this may be productive, it is also stressful. You will likely accidentally finish up that drop-in patient too late and make your scheduled patient wait.

Not only can this make your patients dissatisfied, but it will affect the rest of your patients scheduled for the day. You will be rushing around trying to make up the lost time. 

Stick to your appointment times and try not to squeeze in drop-in patients unless you have a cancelation and are positive you have sufficient time. 

2. Communicate with your dental team. 

Communication with your dental team is one of the most important aspects of a dental practice. This means every aspect of your practice, especially the front office, the dental assistant and the dental hygienists should be on the same page. 

There are enough interruptions with the office phone, especially if you don’t have a phone company that offers Screen Pop technology that allows you to ring one singular extension so the whole office isn’t involved as Mango Voice does. 

Everyone should silence their personal phones so that you are not adding to the distractions. This will keep everyone more focused and productive.

Make sure your dental team communicates when you are with a patient. This is important because oftentimes, distractions come from your own team members. Make sure your patients are getting the full attention they deserve by making it a point to announce you will be with a patient. 

3. Utilize technology to filter out spam calls from disrupting your day.

We all know how irritating spam calls are, especially when you are trying to work. Can your phone system filter out spam calls? If it can’t, you might want to consider looking into Mango Voice. 

Mango Voice offers the switchboard integration which can help filter out spam calls. It’s as simple as following these four steps:

  1. Create a Sound Clip to direct callers through a call tree. It can be as simple as “Thank you for calling (Insert practice name), if you are a new patient press 1, if you are an existing patient press 2.”
  2. Add an Auto Attendant in the switchboard as the first thing a caller will hit during open hours. Do not connect “On Timeout” to anything- this will drop any unattended spam callers from reaching receptionists.
  3. You can do the same for after-hour auto attendants. 
  4. Increase Repeat times from 0 up to 1 or 2 so callers will make sure to select an option and not be disconnected.

4. Make time for morning huddles. 

Morning huddles can make all the difference in your practice. Take time every workday to sit down with your dental team and talk about your schedules for the day. This will ensure you and your team are all on the same page and inform everyone when they are busy. 

This is a great time to discuss any challenges anyone has for the day and get various perspectives on how to overcome them.

Your dental team members can stress what times they are the busiest and cannot be interrupted. Being open and clear about this will prevent interruptions. 

Are you ready to stop interruptions in your dental office? 

Make sure your team is the most productive they can be. Invest in your team and you’ll see your practice grow before your eyes.

Upgrade your phone system to Mango Voice and prevent pointless interruptions. Take advantage of the integrations Mango Voice offers today. Check them out at