Whether you realize it or not, there are tons of opportunities passing you by every day. Your practice could be a lot more productive, and you don’t even have to work more hours or spend money to get there.

If you are ready to stop missing opportunities in your office, implement these three ideas into your practice to reach your production goals. 

Review your charts.

Reviewing all of your charts might seem obvious, however many practices tend to skip over this because they can’t find the time to implement this into their workday. 

Every chart has crucial information that will let you see where you are letting opportunities slip away. You should be looking at every single patient, continuing care, the x-rays, the previous chart notes, and unscheduled patient treatment, etc. 

This will allow you and your team to analyze which patients could use further care. Have a meeting with your team members and come up with a plan for the patients who could use some extra care. 

Use your intraoral photos.

First, you should be taking intraoral photos with every patient you see. Intraoral photos tell you when a patient has a problem, and more importantly, you can show your patients the photos and better explain to them why they might need extra care. 

After showing your patients their intraoral photos, make sure you thoroughly explain how important oral health is. Many patients don’t realize the mouth is connected to the body and so the same bacteria in your mouth can travel to your heart. 

This one step will make you up to 10,000 dollars or more a month alone. Every single day you should be taking intraoral photos and educating your patients. Have a team session on what to say when taking these photos. 

It doesn’t have to just be negative feedback, you can also give positive reinforcement with intraoral photos. 

Dream build with your patients.

Make sure your entire dental team is actively helping your patients attain their goals. First, you must understand the personal goals of every patient. This will help you give genuine advice and productive treatment. 

The front desk could encounter a patient interested in whitening their teeth and show a photo album showing veneers and discuss how confident other patients have become from getting them. 

Don't tell your patients when they need something. Instead, find out what they want and give it to them. Find out your patients’ long-term goals. 

Are you ready to stop missing opportunities in your practice? 

Start by analyzing your charts and see where you can become more productive. Every patient should be receiving intraoral photos because this will help you explain your patient’s oral health visually. Don’t forget, you should be aware of your patient’s long-term goals for their oral health and help them find a way to get there.

If you found this article helpful, check out this training video on how to build a high-performing team where you can learn even more about avoiding missed opportunities in the practice.