Marketing funnels are one of the best ways to grow your dental practice. With funnels, you can get potential patient’s contact information and directly target specific needs. 

If you want to focus on getting new patients who need implants, creating a specific marketing funnel for them is the best way to share the value you can provide for them. 

Dr. Anissa Holmes shares how using dental funnels can grow your practice in her training video right here on  It is much simpler than you think. Keep these three ideas in mind when creating your dental funnel and you’ll be growing your practice in no time. 

1. Educate people about how you can help them.

A great way to introduce a marketing funnel is to present it with a personalized quiz. This not only makes it a fun way to provide information about your practice but also to see if that service is right for the patient. 

After you choose which service you are marketing in the funnel, you’ll have an idea of the types of patients who will land on it. Keep this in mind when creating the personalized quiz. Think about the questions and concerns a person might have if they need a specific service.

This is exactly the kind of information to provide in your funnel. Make sure the value you provide is clearly translated. If you provide a free consultation at the end, make sure you list everything that a free consultation comes with so they can understand the value. 

2. Capture their information. 

At the end of the quiz, to get their results, the patient should fill in their email. This will allow you to add them to a personalized email list with direct marketing emails with information about the service they are interested in.

However, you should always give two options. If the patient is ready to book a consultation, then they can provide more information like a phone number.  If not, provide a link to your practice’s Facebook page. 

Also, set up a pop-up to submit information to schedule a consultation if the patient moves their mouse as if they're going to click out of the page. 

With funnels, you have the ability to have all leads on a Google sheet. This means you can see everyone who clicks on the funnel and how far through the process they got. This is extremely helpful when figuring out where to send them and which information will be the most helpful. If they finished the funnel, their phone number will be there and you and your team can begin scheduling those patients. 

3. Give readers a call to action.

One of the greatest benefits of funnels is that you can share it anywhere that you share any information about your practice. This includes: 

  • Facebook ads
  • Links on your website
  • Facebook messenger bots
  • Instagram post or profile
  • Billboards etc.

Once you create a funnel, you have the opportunity to choose which page of the funnel people land on. This is a huge benefit because you can continuously use the funnel to retarget patients. 

Let the patient know the fee and payment options. If someone is hesitant to schedule a procedure due to the price, inform them of all payment plans and even other options or treatments within their price range.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Practice Using Marketing Funnels?

Creating a successful dental marketing funnel is all about educating your patients. Show them how you can provide valuable services that will improve their quality of life. 

Personalized quizzes are a great way to show potential patients how you can change their lives for the better, all while capturing their contact information. 

If you want to learn more about how to create dental funnels to grow your practice, check out Dr. Anissa Holmes in her training video right here on