Technology is in a constant state of evolution, and the internet is no exception. With each coming day, the online world is getting more and more inundated with marketing tactics. 

Thanks to all the ongoing innovation, email marketing often gets swept under the rug and dismissed as an “old-school” approach. Believe it or not, though, email marketing is one of the best strategies for growing any dental practice. 

With all the rapid digital transformation, email marketing hasn't just been gathering dust. Data and analytics have improved tenfold. Email marketing is still relevant and effective when communicating with prospects, current patients, or leads. 

If you're not incorporating email into your marketing strategy, you're missing out. However, just like any marketing tactic, email campaigns only drive online engagement when they're well-executed. 

So, what makes a good email marketing campaign? Well, let's get into it.

Valuable Emails

The right copy is what'll set your emails apart. Catchy phrases can stick. 

“Snackable” sentences and smooth syntax can sell your products and services with a silver tongue. Copywriting is definitely a tried-and-true marketing tool that'll enhance your offer and communicate value. 

On that note, it's important to ensure your emails look professional and shine the way they should. That means they're not just well-written but properly formatted and thoroughly proofread. 

However,  the right content is even more important. Your recipients will unsubscribe if they don't get value from whatever you write about in your emails. Introductory email sequences will make them feel more valued and as though you're bringing them along on a journey. From there, send them consistent emails that they can depend on for regular insight.

Implement Systematized processes

Without systematized processes in place, an email marketing campaign is going to be more of a reckless blitz. You'll be pursuing cold leads and your efforts will largely be in vain.

Email marketing might be a bit old-school, but it's not as old-school as direct mail. Yet, even direct mail has been modernized alongside all of the technological adaptions. 

For example, geographical insight—or “heat maps”—can help you play to your strengths. You can identify hotbeds and pinpoints communities that can be drawn into your practice by direct mail. The same goes for email marketing. By creating reports on open rates and conducting research, it'll be just as easy to pursue leads.

So, implement systematized processes to calculate data and analytics and use it to your advantage. You might want to buy software to outsource to an agency. It's up to you. Just make sure you're not blasting cold leads with emails.

Discount Sales

Whether they're frugal enough to argue over the price of free water or they simply enjoy the art of bartering, haggling is second nature to many. So, naturally, being a business owner entails negotiating prices on a constant basis.

Running a dental practice is running a business, and the cost of dental treatment is often an issue for our patients. Most practice owners know that offering a discounted service or sale is a great way to get frugal patients to sit in your chair. What they don’t know is the part email marketing can play in advertising that discounted service or sale.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to advertise cost-effective services. If you have a teeth-whitening promotion or some type of discount going on, you can email blast your leads to get them in your chair.

Open The “Floodgates!” 

By and large, practice owners treat emailing patients as an antiquated marketing strategy in comparison to more “modern” approaches. But email marketing is a great way to get new patients in your chair and bring old patients back. 

Email marketing can open the “floodgates” for new patients and old patients alike. But the floodgates aren't ever going to automatically open—it’s up to you to lead prospects to your business.

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