Dental practice leaders have a lot on their plates. They need to lead teams, manage business operations, and adhere to all the clinical care and compliance issues dental practices are subject to.

For decades, the only solutions created to help streamline dental offices were expensive or imperfect. Many of them were both. That’s why our partner, Mango Voice, put dental practice efficiency and patient experience front and center when designing our dental practice phone system.

Each feature was carefully designed to make your practice easier to run, your team more efficient, and your patient experience more pleasant and convenient. Here are three ways screen pop integration helps make your life easier.

Only the phones you designate receive ringing events.

When a call comes in and only rings the two front desk phones, (example: ext 100 and 101)  Mango Voice will send a ringing event for each extension. No more pop-ups on unnecessary screens. No more ringing in operatories to distract you and your team or disrupt your patient experience.

You designate exactly what phones you want to ring and only those phones receive a ringing event. The same technology only sends caller information popups to the screens you designate. No more annoying popups to disrupt your flow when you’re in the zone.

Screen pops disappear from unanswered lines when answered.

When extension 101 answers, Mango Voice sends an answer event for extension 100 and a hangup event for extension 101. At this point, the integration could increase the screen pop size for extension 100 with additional info, such as past-due amounts or upcoming appointments, and remove the screen pop from extension 101. This ensures that nobody gets distracted by the information they don’t need.

Automated call-ending functionality helps keep all records up-to-date.

When the call ends, Mango Voice will send a hangup event. This can trigger the screen pop to add notes or other information at the end of the call.

No more forgetting to add notes. Mango Voice will remind your team members to keep the records up to date through a hangup event as soon as the call is ended so they can input information when it’s fresh in their minds.

Does your dental phone system help you run your practice more efficiently?

You and your team-work way too hard to deal with complex, clunky, or outdated phone systems. You deserve a system like Mango Voice, which was made to make dental practices more efficient while enhancing patient experience.

If you want to learn how much our partner, Mango Voice, can help your practice improve, pick up the phone and give us a call. Be sure to mention this article when you call to receive FREE executive phones when you sign up for a qualified Mango Voice subscription, too.