You might be wondering how the basic five senses will be able to help you optimize your patients’ experience. Our senses drastically impact our perception of the world.

Being able to influence our patient’s perceptions positively can create a better overall experience that they have in our office.

Here is how you can positively impact your patient’s senses when they come in for an appointment. 

1. Sight

Sight is an extremely important sense for humans. When you walk into your office, what are the first things that you see?

Right away, you might notice the color palette of your office, how clean it is, and if there is a lot of open space. It is extremely important to ensure that your practice is keeping a look that is on-brand.

Make sure the color palette of your building reflects your practice’s personality. If you are going for a modern, professional look, make sure that you choose modern colors.

Likewise, the decor you choose can impact a patient’s perception of your practice. Make sure you choose appropriate yet interesting and attractive decor.

Most importantly, keep a tidy office. The front desk should be organized and presentable at all hours of the day. 

2. Sound

Sound can affect someone’s mood instantly. For instance, if you hear a baby crying your mood might be changed to annoyed or worried. 

Likewise, when your patients walk into your dental office what they hear can impact how they feel. The sound of phones constantly ringing and power tools in the background may cause your patients to feel anxious and nervous.

A great way to prevent this is to play soft music in the background and invest in a phone system that offers screen pop technology. The soft music will be able to block out any background noise from the tools, and the screen pop technology can quietly notify your staff of an incoming call without the constant ringing. Mango Voice offers screen pop technology features that allow you to create an ambient atmosphere in your office.

3. Taste

It can be hard to create a positive tasting experience when treating your patients, but this sense contributes to the overall perception of your patients’ experience. 

Although we can’t make every mouth care product taste good, offering options of different flavored fluoride and toothpaste can leave a lasting impression.

4. Scent 

What do you smell when you walk into your dental office? If you want to create a perception of a clean and calm practice, you’ll want to invest in a room spray or essential oil diffuser.

Researching the different types of essential oils and their benefits can help you decide which scents to diffuse in your office. Lavender is great for relaxation and mint is great for energy. 

Create the experience you want your patients to have. 

5. Touch 

This might seem irrelevant to your patients’ experience, however, it can make or break a patients’ experience.

As dental hygienists and assistants, it is important that we are aware of how sensitive our patients’ are to our touch. Certain dental tools are sharp and can be alarming to our patients. Making them feel as comfortable as possible is one of our most important jobs. 

Training our dental team to be mindful of poking and irritating our patients' mouths is very important. 

Are you ready to utilize the senses to optimize patient experience?

Creating the best experience for your patients is vital to the growth and success of your practice. Keeping a clean office that smells nice can drastically improve a patient’s perception of your practice. 

If you want your patients to feel comfortable and at ease, invest in Mango Voice and utilize screen pop technology today. You can read more about screen pop technology and the other 100 plus integrations they offer here: