Improve Practice Profitability by Adding High-Value Procedures like Dental Implants

August 12, 2019 | 0

Improve Practice Profitability by Adding High-Value Procedures like Dental Implants

Running a profitable dental practice can take a lot of work. Unlike many businesses, dental practices must operate an entire business on top of performing top-quality dental care. That’s why it is so important for dentists to be strategic with how they operate their practice.

One of the best ways to make running a practice easier is to carefully consider insurance relationships, technology, fee structures, practice efficiencies, and even the types of procedures your practice performs.

Those decisions impact how many procedures a practice can perform in a day. The more procedures you can perform without sacrificing quality or making patients feel like they’re just a number, the more money you can make.

Those decisions can also impact how efficiently you can perform a procedure. If you can perform a procedure even 20% faster, you can book additional patients every day in the time that efficiency frees up.

And those decisions can impact how much profit you can make in a workday. When you add high-value procedures to your practice and perform them efficiently, you can get the best of all worlds. You can perform higher-fee services. You can perform them efficiently, performing more procedures in the same time. And you can increase your profitability by shifting more of your time from low-value procedures to high-value ones.

One procedure that has helped hundreds of practices improve profitability is dental implants. Dental Hub 360 partner Driven Dental Implant Marketing helps practices generate a steady flow of dental implant patient leads using proven dental implant marketing strategies.

In their experience, successfully adding high-value procedures like dental implants to a practice requires three things.

1. Clinical Mastery

Improve Practice Profitability by Adding High-Value Procedures like Dental Implants

First and foremost, if you want to perform high-value procedures, you need to have the clinical skills to do so. Fortunately, there has been no better time to learn new clinical skills and begin performing high-value procedures such as dental implants.

General dentists refer implant cases to specialists as a matter of habit. For decades, general dentists built deep relationships with patients. They performed low-revenue procedures like fillings and cleanings. They dealt with insurance oversight, shrinking reimbursements, and skyrocketing costs. And when a dental implant became necessary, a specialist reaped the benefits.

But high-value procedures are no longer only for specialists. General dentists all over the world can get the clinical skills needed to begin placing dental implants in a matter of days. As they get comfortable with basic placements, they can get additional training to be able to perform more complex cases, too.

2. Proven Marketing Strategies

Improve Practice Profitability by Adding High-Value Procedures like Dental Implants

While practices can start placing implants with in-house candidates, growing an implant practice requires proven dental implant marketing strategies. Dentists who rely on keeping their own implant cases in-house can be at a big disadvantage. Relying on in-house cases can be unpredictable. You never know when a patient will have an implant need. And you can’t control whether the cases that arise organically will fit your clinical training level.

Also, you need to practice placing implants to improve your skills and grow your implant practice. You’ll need a more steady and predictable flow of implant cases than you can rely on with in-house cases.

Finally, a steady flow of implant cases helps reduce low-fee work you need to perform. This frees time up to continue your clinical training and perform more—and more complex—implant cases.

Having a systematized, proven dental implant marketing system is key.

3. Dental Team Training and Support

Improve Practice Profitability by Adding High-Value Procedures like Dental Implants

The third part of a high-profit implant practice is having a team trained to nurture relationships with dental implant patients. Clinical training and the right marketing system help attract a steady flow of cases you can perform. But your team will determine whether you do perform them.

Dental implant patients are unlike other patients. They are generally more educated about the procedure than others, for example. Thus, your team must know what to do when implant patient leads call. They need to understand case presentation for implant patients. They need to know how to help patients overcome common obstacles to affording dental implants. And they need to have the tools in place to support their work.

For example, the top obstacle to patients moving forward with treatment is affordability. Your team must know how to discuss affordability with patients and have financing options at their disposal to help patients move forward.

Are you ready to improve practice profits through high-value procedures?

Improving practice profitability by adding high-value procedures like dental implants helps everyone in the practice. Doctors win because they can make more money in less time. Team members win because they can help patients get often life-changing treatment like dental implants. And with a more profitable practice, there is more money flowing through the practice for improved compensation, benefits, and advancement opportunities. Finally, patients win because they get more options for receiving complex care in their community.

Driven Dental Marketing can help you in all three of these areas. They work closely with their clients to get clinical mastery, team training and support, and proven dental implant marketing strategies.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Driven Dental Marketing can help you to attract and convert more high-value dental implant patient leads, you can book a FREE 15-minute strategy session on