Dental practices are busy, to say the least. Doctors are being spread thin, running a business, leading a team, and practicing clinical care.

That’s why it’s so important to get your team simple tools and resources to increase productivity and simplify operations. With many practices, a simple, low-cost solution to dramatically improving practice efficiency is pressed right up against their cheek—their phone systems.

Some practices spend thousands of dollars on complex systems that waste valuable team member time trying to piece together patient information such as balances and appointments. Other phone systems are so old and limited in features that you can’t connect with patients in a way that patients want to be contacted.

Before you waste any more time or money using a phone system that slows down your practice or inconveniences patients, consider looking for a system that puts your practice and patients first. At Dental Hub 360, we have partnered with Mango Voice to bring you a phone system designed with your practice in mind. Here are just three features that put you and your patients first when you switch to Mango Voice for your dental practice.

Screen Pops That Save You Time and Money

With Screen Pops, you will save an average of 4 minutes per call. Give your staff the info they need—live when they answer the phone—with a seamless screen pop integration.

Easily view patient balances, payment history, appointments, and more. Customizable to you and your business needs. Increase patient retention by skipping the initial call questions and building rapport instead. Your patients and staff will thank you.

Click-to-Call To Make Phone Calls Straight From Your CRM or Other Database

As a business, your time is valuable. Simplify and improve office efficiency by using the easy click-to-call feature—the ability to click a number within a CRM or other database that initiates a call through a webphone or desk phone.

This replaces the need to manually dial a number by hand increasing efficiency in making outbound calls.

Live Call Analytics to Get a Clear Picture of Practice Operations

Analytics are an important part of understanding the performance of your communications between patients and members of your office team. Mango Voice provides analytics in the form of detailed reports that show how many calls you make and receive on a daily and hourly basis.

This can be useful in many ways, such as identifying how well a marketing source or agent in your office performs on the phone. In the end, you get a better picture of what's happening in your office.

Is your phone system getting in the way of production at your dental practice?

Do you find yourself or your team members spending too much time on the phone? Do you get too little information from your phone systems? If so, chances are your phone system is slowing you down. That can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, increased labor costs, and patient turnover. That’s why we love our partnership with Mango Voice. Mango Voice designed its phone system with dentists and dental patients in mind.

If you want to learn how much Mango Voice can help your practice improve, pick up the phone and give us a call. Mention this article when you call and you can receive FREE executive phones when you sign up for a qualified Mango Voice subscription, too.