Have you ever had a job where you walk in and the atmosphere is off? There is often a clear line between the superior and the subordinates in these situations. This is what causes the strict tension in the workplace.

For your practice to thrive, you need to create an open environment where everyone is confident enough to share their ideas and opinions.

To do that, Josey Sewell teaches us how to leverage your practice’s network in her training video from Dental Hub 360. Follow these three tips to ensure you are leveraging your practice’s network. 

Break down the hierarchy.

There tends to be a disconnect in most practices between the receptionists, the dental assistants, and the dentists. This can happen when you have an established hierarchy in your practice. There shouldn’t necessarily be rigid lines between the leaders and the followers. The issue with hierarchies is anything the leaders say, goes. Even if it isn’t the best option or action for your practice.

You have a team of people who know your strengths and weaknesses and can offer a different point of view. No one in your practice should feel inferior, or like their opinions and ideas don’t matter. Break down the hierarchy in your practice by creating a space where everyone is on the same level. 

Look for opportunities to grow.

Let team members know that if they're not where they want to be yet, don't let titles, degrees, or experience intimidate them from learning and taking smart risks to get where they want to go.  Everyone comes from varied backgrounds and education levels, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to learn and climb the ladder. 

If you or team members feel stuck in a position, consider whether your practice has a hierarchy in place that leads to people feeling that way. When people feel confident sharing ideas and openly learning from others, they will develop a growth mindset, keep striving for their goals, and even create opportunities to grow.

Implement team engagement strategies to improve performance.

One way to leverage the network in your practice is to engage your team members. You can do this by simply having morning check-ins with everyone. 

This is a great way to break down the hierarchy and have a set time to discuss any challenges and ideas people may have. This will also connect everyone on your dental team in a way that will allow everyone to become more open to communication. 

If your dental assistant needs a resource from the receptionist, they have a designated time to let them know before everyone starts their day. 

It doesn’t have to stop there. You can have weekly meetings to discuss important issues and have “free-lunch Fridays” where you order out lunch together. These simple, engaging strategies will create a stronger bond between your dental team and create a better environment to work in. 

Are you ready to build a smart, healthy business? 

You don’t have to make major changes to your practice to leverage your network. Start by breaking down the hierarchy and engaging your teammates. By doing so, you will create a healthy work environment in which everyone can thrive. 

You can have both a smart business and a healthy business simultaneously. Just follow the three tips we just shared.

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