Marketplace Information

August 7, 2018 | 0

Welcome to Dental Marketplace™ the auction site For dental professional By dental professionals. We know you are going to enjoy using the site to buy and sell equipment and supplies. Before you start we have a few rules that you need to be made aware of. These rules can be found in the User Agreement that you signed but we wanted to make sure that you had a quick reference, so here goes!

  1. General Precautions-

While we may help resolve disputes through various programs, Dental Hub 360 LLC cannot control and does not guarantee:

  • advertised items exist, are high quality, safe, or legally sold
  • users’ content or listings are honest or accurate
  • sellers can actually sell items
  • buyers can actually pay for items
  • a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction or return an item
  1. Improper Use of Service-

If we believe you are abusing the Dental Marketplace and/or our Services in any way, we may, in our sole discretion:

  1. limit, suspend, or end your user account(s) and access to our Services
  2. delay or remove hosted content
  3. remove any special status your account(s) may have
  4. remove, not display, and/or demote listings
  5. reduce or remove any discounts
  6. take technical and/or legal steps to prevent you from using our Services
  7. resolve the situation another way
  1. Listing Fees-

We may change our seller fees from time to time. We will post these changes on the Dental Marketplace site 14 days in advance, but we do not promise advance notice for temporary promotions or any changes that result in lower fees.

  • If you are a seller, you are responsible for transaction fees for all sales made using some or all of the Dental Marketplace Services. This is true even if sales terms are completed or payment is made outside of the Dental Marketplace.
  • Insertion of a basic listing is free, and the transaction will only be subject to the Final Value Fee.
  • Listing Enhancements increase visibility, traffic, and possibly the final value of your item. The listing can be enhanced by:
    • Featured Listing- showcases the item listed- $15
    • HTML listing content- allows for customization of the appearance of your ad-$10
    • Visitor Counter- track the number of views to your auction item- $10
    • Top of the Category-Your item is listed at the top, rather than sorted by time remaining- $5
  • Our current final value fee is 7% of the item’s sale price. Any Ad Upgrades are not included in this price and will be charged separately.
  1. Bidding-
  • Once an auction is live, bidders may start at the initial bid price or higher
  • Bids are increased in increments set by the seller
  • The proxy bidding option will automatically increase your bid to the maximum set should another bidder bid on the item.
  • Best offer- if an item is listed with a best offer price, the buyer may notify the seller the price they are willing to pay. The seller may accept, reject, or counter the buyer’s offer.
  • The highest bid at the close of the auction will win
  1. Completed Transactions-
  • Once an auction is complete, the buyer may pay for the item via the Dental Marketplace Dashboard tools
  • Methods of payment accepted are the decision of the seller, and must be listed in the auction
  • In some cases, the seller will contact the buyer to arrange shipment or local pickup
  • A transaction is considered complete when the item has been paid for, received, and feedback left regarding the transaction
  1. Shipping-
  • Shipping costs may vary due to the location, shipping method, size, or fragility of the item
  • Shipping costs must be listed in the auction itself. If shipping costs includes freight fees based on weight, the final shipping value may differ after proper crating or packaging, and therefore affect the final shipping price
  • Sellers are encouraged to use tracking numbers for all shipments to verify location and delivery
  • Insurance of a shipped item can be offered by the seller, or paid as an additional fee by the buyer
  • Lost items are handled through the shipping service used. Dental Hub 360 LLC holds no responsibility for lost items
  1. Sellers-
  • When listing an item, you agree to follow the Dental Marketplace’s listing policies and selling practices policy as listed in the user agreement.
  1. Buyers-
  • When buying an item, you agree to the rules and policies for buyers as listed in the user agreement.
  1. General Disclaimers-
  • Discrepancies should initially be addressed between the buyer and seller directly
  • The Dental Marketplace is operated in good faith on the part of both the buyer and seller. Treating all transactions in this manner will help to foster continued relationships for future transactions.