Are you wondering where you can save more money in your dental office? You don’t have to overwork yourself and your team to increase your profits. In fact, you can start saving money quickly with just a few simple maneuvers.

Here are some areas of your dental practice that you may be letting money slip through the cracks.

1. Missed Appointments 

Although missed appointments are inevitable, you should have a protocol in place to try to fill the empty time slots. 

Keep notes on every patient, especially ones who miss appointments frequently, that way you’ll have a heads up when scheduling them. Prioritize your patients who always follow through with appointments over the ones who tend to cancel last minute. 

And when someone does cancel, consider calling patients with unscheduled treatment who may want to come in and take that slot. You might even offer a deal, such as an extra service or discount to entice them to help you avoid letting that time go unscheduled.

This will save you money in the long run, and allow you to fill your appointment slots with reliable patients. 

2. Advertising 

Could you be spending too much money advertising your practice? While advertising is great, there are a lot of free ways to promote your practice. Additionally, some traditional advertising methods tend to be costly when compared to social media marketing or targeted marketing, such as online marketing for dental implant patients.

Consider becoming more active on social media. Social media is a great way to connect with locals in your area and show them what you and your practice are all about. Don’t shy away from posting new tools and equipment you’ve invested in. Share birthdays and practice lunch-ins on Facebook. People love to feel connected, and it is a great way to get your name out there.

Get involved with your community. Sponsor a local race or baseball team, table at a community event, and look for ways to connect with your community. This is a great conversation starter, and your local community will notice. 

3. Phone system 

Believe it or not, your phone system could be charging you way more than necessary. If you are overpaying for a phone system, especially one that doesn’t provide the absolute best connection and integrations, you’re cheating yourself.

Switch to our partner, Mango Voice, to get reliable, high-quality, and great value phones. Mango Voice has both annual and monthly payment plan options that could save you hundreds of dollars per month. And their impressive features list could even allow you to cancel other software you might subscribe to. That money goes right to your bottom line.

Don’t let your hard-earned money slip through the cracks by paying for a phone system that doesn’t have a great connection and integrations that make your job easier. 

4. Billing 

Are you keeping up with all of your billing? Sometimes, we get too busy in our practices and forget to send out the billing information to our patients. It’s not an issue of if our patients are willing to pay, but rather if and when they receive the bill.

This is income that is being put on the back burner when it could be in your pocket. Make it a point to send out billing statements daily. 

Are you ready to start saving money in your practice? 

Don’t overwork yourself and your staff to try to save your money. Pay attention to how much money you are spending on advertising, your phone system, and how much money you are losing with billing and missed appointments. 

Don’t let any more of your money slip through the cracks. Take charge of your practice and start saving your money where you can. 

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