Perfect Place to Put a Practice Podcast

July 14, 2019 | 0

Perfect Place to Put a Practice Podcast


We discuss topics on demographics, psychographics, geographics, and site selection for professional practices. This is a weekly podcast that is most applicable to doctors practicing in the United State.

Demographic Warfare

Listen to Demographic Warfare

The publishing company, McGraw-Hill, has just released the 20th Anniversary Edition of Marketing Warfare by Al Reis and Jack Trout, two of my favorite Marketing Theorists.  Who can doubt that we are in a Marketing War?  Where to Practice, and Why one location is superior to another is what decides the War. This session explains it all!

What If THEY Win the Election

Listen to What If THEY Win the Election

This episode deals with projected implications of who wins the Election.  It is NOT a prediction of victory.  On the other hand, it is how social scientists consider lifestyle implications on professional practices.  In other words: psychographics.

Doctor's Guide to the Battle for Suburbia

Listen to Doctor's Guide to the Battle for Suburbia

Changing demographic trends and research are showing Millennials share their parents' taste in housing and this has shaken the "Woke" crowd.  People are voting with their feet and it is changing where to practice. 

No Where, USA

Listen to No Where, USA

It isn't just a place.  It is a frame of mind and a series of newly developing priorities.  Want to know where the smart, young families are moving? Want to know where to career, married couples are moving? Listen!

Bigotry of Demography

Listen to Bigotry of Demography

Perhaps it is because the media elites tend to live in a few cities on the Coasts that they see the world so narrowly.  But serious demographers are seeing that the Heartland (20 key states) is where the action is the future lies.  Let's talk about them.

Lessons Learned

Listen to Lessons Learned

I just returned from a week on the road.  I went from the Rockies to the Atlantic to see what there is to see in practice opportunities.  There are four lessons and several locations of promise. 

Think About the Children

Listen to Think About the Children

Practices that treat children should pay special attention to this episode on the demographics of pediatrics.  This is about trends, new location sites, and a changing marketplace.

My Neighborhood. Love It or Leave It

Listen to My Neighborhood. Love It or Leave It

With riots, pandemics, imminent financial disaster, and even potential war, what comes next?  In this episode, I discuss two emerging trends: 1. Not My Problem attitudes and 2. My Neighborhood, Love It Or Leave It.

The fact is, when everything is going to Hell, you have to care about ONLY those people and causes you can really help (and really CAN help). The second is a rising wave of preserving YOUR neighborhood.  I predict a growing baby boom.  I predict some inward looking.  I predict we are going to be fine. Hear why.

Doctor Demographics Site Selection from a Personal Perspective

Listen to Doctor Demographics Site Selection from a Personal Perspective

We have just received the new demographic data for the nation and it is creating a stir on where you should consider purchasing or starting up a practice. And we are looking at this from a first-hand perspective. 

Virtual New Locations for Doctor Offices

Listen to Virtual New Locations for Doctor Offices

New trends and cutting-edge research have reveals changes on where to purchase and where to start-up practices.  This is more of a change based upon the consumption patterns found in your patient-base.  The good news is that these location types are more profitable and better for your quality-of-life.  The bad news is that it may not be what you think.

Practice Location Gut Check. 2:35 AM

Listen to Practice Location Gut Check. 2:35 AM

I got thinking about the hard decisions I have had to make in my life and my career.  And I have been thinking about the many doctors who I have helped endure the sleepless nights wondering and worrying.  This episode is about those nights and decisions.  It about Perspectives to move forward.  I think it may inspire you a little.

Retail Spaces v. Professional Plazas & Centers

Listen to Retail Spaces v. Professional Plazas & Centers

So many changes are occurring in determining the best place to practice that we have reconfigured our recommendations as the rules have change. 

Disinvestment Events

Listen to Disinvestment Events

A "disinvestment event" is a term demographers use to determine whether a place is going to be in trouble in the future.  We track these to tell our clients the difference between a troubled or promising location.  Let about these events in this episode and where they are most common.

Post Pandemic Places to Practice - Part 2

Listen to Post Pandemic Places to Practice - Part 2

The rules are changing on what makes a good location and what is a bad location for practice.  You may as well learn the truth: Everything is shifting, at least a little. Civil unrest is also changing the natural desirability of locations as well.

Pandemic Inequalities for Profession Practices

Listen to Pandemic Inequalities for Profession Practices

It is as through professional practices have been tossed in a blender. At least that is what some doctors feel as they consider what locations to purchase, start-up, or to consider for a job. The Pandemic has made things particularly confusing.  This session helps doctors figure out what is happening (and what WILL happen).

Risks and Research

Listen to Risks and Research

It has been a difficult, moving-target, to predict how the pandemic is going to affect professional practice locations, profitability, and busyness.  But we are getting an handle on it!  This episode shares with you what you need to know RIGHT NOW!

Closer to Home

Listen to Closer to Home

I don't know with certainty what is coming next any better that you.  But research has revealed that this recent pattern of sheltering in place has inspired several of our doctor-friends and clients to start examining how they can find locations that are more convenient to home and family.  This episode in intended to get you thinking.

Where the Next Boom in Practice Sites Will Hit

Listen to Where the Next Boom in Practice Sites Will Hit

It is true that market conditions are a problem to understand.  But I thought it might be a good idea to share with you how demographers predict great market trends in the middle of uncertainty.  In this case, it happens when multiple market trends cross or reinforce each other.  I hope you will find this interesting.  BTW, we are still offering our Telephone Consultation Discount.

Generational Demographics Revised

Listen to Generational Demographics Revised

The recent events of death, plague, economic disaster, and election strife have encouraged me to re-release this episode with some changes.  Please forgive me!  But the updates put a few things in perspective that I think are worth the trouble.  How bad are things and how bad will they get?  This episode deals with that.

Population per Household

Listen to Population per Household

There are many demographic factors that are important to track to understand the viability of a practice area.  But the Population per Household statistic is a particularly vital one.  It separates to "fair" from the "excellent" areas.  And this session explains how.