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160 - Summit Shoutout with Elijah Desmond

Listen to 160 - Summit Shoutout with Elijah Desmond

I’m so excited about this year’s Delivering WOW Live Summit, which takes place in New Orleans, LA on March 13th – 14th 2020! This is the ultimate event for dental practices, where you’ll receive 12 hours of incredible continued education and come away from the event with everything you need to take your dental practice to the next level of success.

I’m happy to announce that my good friend, Elijah Desmond, is one of the incredible speakers at this year’s Summit. Elijah is the Founder of Smiles at Sea and one of the best speakers, entrepreneurs, and people I know, which is just a few of the reasons why I’m so excited to have him join us at the Delivering WOW Live Summit in March. He’s also a fantastic motivator, author, and innovator!

Elijah’s work on bringing emotional intelligence into dentistry is ground-breaking and will change our industry for the better. He believes that our patients’ experiences aren’t just about providing dental treatment as a service and ‘getting the job done,’ they’re about connection and understanding.

He’s going to be delivering the most amazing deep dive on compassion and connection at the Summit and joins me in this special episode to dazzle us with a sneak preview of his talk.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can build better relationships with your patients, what your patients really want from their experience, and how to make it all happen authentically – you need to hear this!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why emotional intelligence is so important in dentistry
  • Why patients want more than a service
  • When it’s the perfect time to start connecting with your patients
  • What the one thing is that patients want to feel when they contact your practice
  • More details of Elijah’s plans for the Delivering WOW Summit
  • How the Summit will be about experience and community as much as education
  • The fact Elijah will be officially debuting his alter-ego – DJ Smile – after months of training

To find out more about Elijah and his work, you can visit his website or find him on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Want to attend the Delivering WOW Live Summit 2020 and hear Elijah’s incredible speech for yourself? I don’t blame you! Get your tickets today! But hurry, seats to this year’s Delivering WOW Live Summit are going fast!

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159 - Summit Shoutout with Samantha Leonard

Listen to 159 - Summit Shoutout with Samantha Leonard

I’m so excited about our line-up of expert speakers for the Delivering WOW Summit in New Orleans in March 2020.

One of our speakers will be Samantha Leonard of Stream Dental HR. She’s also our dental recruiting, hiring and onboarding coach on the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program. She was the most talked-about speaker at our summit in Jamaica and she’s going to be coming to New Orleans to share even more insights into applying effective HR systems that will make your practices thrive.

Samantha is truly passionate about dental HR. She knows first-hand the negative impact a wrong hire or a toxic employee can have on team performance, patient care, and your bottom line. Being caught in a constant cycle of hiring and firing can put immense strain on you and your practice. Getting the recruiting process right, however, is a big challenge for dental practices.

That’s why Samantha now specializes in helping dentists hire people that are fully aligned to their business goals and not just about getting warm bodies on seats.  She believes that with the right hiring strategy you can be freed from the constant worry of the next resignation or another firing.

With every new hire costing around $25,000 can you afford to keep on getting it wrong? Tune in to this episode to get a sneak preview of Samantha’s New Orleans’s speech and her tips to finding that ‘office unicorn.’

On this episode, we discuss:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the revolving cycle of front desk staff
  • Why it's important to find people who will help you achieve your goals
  • Actionable items you can implement to help you find those self-starters who will help your business grow
  • What processes you can put in place to ensure you don’t feel like you are being held hostage by toxic employees
  • Why you need to take time to develop a strategy and a vision and find candidates that fit that

Also Samantha explains more about her unmissable upcoming talk at the Delivering WOW Live Summit in New Orleans - March 13-14th 2020!

We’ll give you everything you need to know to take your dental practice (regardless of whether you’re just starting, or if you’re already well established!) to the next level!

So book now for the dental event of 2020!

To find out more about how Samantha and Stream Dental HR can help you find your dream team and implement effective HR systems that your team and practice to the next level, head over to her website to find out more.

You can also connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – and of course, on the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program.

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158 - Using Online Reviews to Build Your Reputation with Dr. Len Tau

Listen to 158 - Using Online Reviews to Build Your Reputation with Dr. Len Tau

I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Len Tau to this episode of the podcast to talk about the importance of online reviews to help improve your reputation and grow your practice.

Dr. Len Tau is a practicing dentist and General Manager of Dental Vertical at Birdeye Dentist in Northeast Philly. He’s also a speaker, consultant, podcaster, author and an expert when it comes to online reviews. Dr. Tau will be one of the speakers at my Delivering WOW Live Summit this year too, which the entire community is super excited about. Dr. Tau is the host of The Raving Patients Podcast and recently published his brand-new book, Raving Patients, where he shares simple tips and best practices to become visible and demonstrate credibility online.

As dentists, our online reputations are incredibly important. However, no business is perfect, and we have to expect some not-so-nice reviews to pop up now and again. It’s how you respond to these reviews that matter and in this episode of the podcast, you’ll learn how you can do that and how you can use online reviews to build a powerful reputation for your practice.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • How to deal with negative online reviews
  • Why online reviews should play a key role in your marketing strategy
  • A few key takeaways from Dr. Tau’s new book, Raving Patients
  • Tips and strategies for using online reviews to build your reputation
  • What you can expect from Dr. Tau’s seminar at the Delivering WOW Live Summit 2020
  • HIPAA tips for dentists dealing with unfair or negative reviews
  • How to automate the process of receiving online reviews from patients

To learn more about how your online reputation and reviews can make or break your practice, check out Dr. Len Tau’s website for more information.

If you would like to hear more from Dr. Leonard Tau, you can tune into The Raving Patients Podcast and pick up a copy of his new book, Raving Patients.

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157 - Smiles for Christmas with Ian Lynch from Legend Networking

Listen to 157 - Smiles for Christmas with Ian Lynch from Legend Networking

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to think about others and how we can give back to our communities and people in need. Ian Lynch, the CEO of Legend Networking, is on a mission to transform the smiles of children who have been abused.

Legend focuses on serving the dental community and their gift campaign, Smiles for Christmas, is about helping children in need. Giving toys, food, and clothing is an impactful way to provide comfort to children who need it most. Many of these children will have no toys to play with at all, which is why toys are a huge part of Legend’s gift campaign, to show these children that they are not forgotten.

Smiles for Christmas also focuses on providing children in need with clothing and food and in this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast, you’ll learn how your dental office can help make a difference this holiday season!


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Ian launched ‘Smiles for Christmas’ and how his childhood impacted his decision and passion to help others
  • How Legend Networking’s charity, ‘Smiles for Christmas’ is helping children this festive season
  • How you can get involved and donate toys, food, and clothing to children in need
  • How your practice can be in with a chance to win some amazing prizes
  • Why it’s so important for dental practices and teams to give back this holiday season


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156 - Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

Listen to 156 - Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

Do you want to start attracting more high-value dental patients to your practice each month?  If so, you don’t want to miss this episode of the podcast, where I’m joined by Charles Biami, the Founder and Chief Marketing Manager of Driven Dental Implant Marketing.

Charles helps dentists just like you attract and convert high value dental implant cases and he does it in a way that provides a consistent flow of new monthly patients. With Driven Dental’s deep understanding of patient needs and the dental industry, they have the experience, insights and know-how to help you drive 20+ qualified opportunities to your front desk each month.

Together, we discuss exactly how Driven Dental Implant Marketing can help drive more high-value patients to your practice including some practical strategies to help you convert more patients over the phone.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • What Driven Dental Marketing can do for your practice
  • How to target patients searching for dental implants online
  • How Driven Dental Marketing can help you convert more leads into patients
  • Why every dental practice should have an online chat service
  • Strategies to help your front desk team get more conversions over the phone
  • Why more dentists need to understand that marketing brings prospects, but it’s up to your team to convert those prospects into patients


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155 - Should We Share Numbers With Our Team?

Listen to 155 - Should We Share Numbers With Our Team?

In this solo episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast, I explore whether or not practice owners should share numbers and even personal expenses with their team.

Sharing practice numbers with certain team members is a great way to increase trust and empower the people you work with every day. After all, when more people in your team are aware of the numbers, it makes it easier to reach new milestones, smash goals and even grow your practice. 

However, knowing which team members to share this valuable information with and what numbers you should share with them can be difficult. Listen in to discover what numbers to share with your team and how sharing numbers with certain team members can help increase profits.


In this episode, I discuss:

  • Why you should share your practice vision and numbers with your team
  • The role of an office manager
  • Important practice numbers to share with your team
  • How to calculate your practice’s profits and manage your cash flow
  • Tips to help hold your team accountable for meeting practice goals
  • Why you should share a percentage of profits with your team


Do you want to grow, scale and market your dental practice, FAST?

The Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program is the #1 program for dentists and teams to help scale and market their practices to new heights. 

Inside of this Game-Changing Program, you will learn unique practice growth systems, how to manage your time, the best strategies for building a Rockstar Team, how to market your practice and so much more…PLUS…you’ll get NEW practice marketing campaigns every single month!

To find out more about the Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program, click here!

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154 - Takeaways From My Mastermind In Boise

Listen to 154 - Takeaways From My Mastermind In Boise

This week I’m reflecting on my time at in Boise at a Mastermind with MY inner circle.

There were some of the most incredible entrepreneurs at the event and I wanted to share my takeaways with you from those last few days.

Just being surrounded by all these inspirational people who share your goals, have beliefs of what is possible and have overcome obstacles was truly inspiring. Their stories really hold us accountable and ensure we are also going after our own goals.

One of the mastermind group, Thomas Shipley, Co-Founder and CEO of Atlantic Coast Brands, said something that was so true. Surrounding yourself with knowledgeable, successful people who are willing to share their success stories and their fails, enables you to “collapse time frames” and “collapse the learning gap.”

It’s all about growing together rather than learning on your own. Don’t go at business alone. Find an easier path to success by reaching out to those people who have the knowledge and experience that can help you. Find out more on episode 154 of the podcast.


In this episode, I discuss:

  • How surrounding yourself with knowledgeable, successful people can help you grow as an individual and elevate your business
  • How I have used the power of masterminds for my own success
  • How our members have undergone inspiring transformations by doing our Marketing Practice Growth CHALLENGE 
  • Drawing on the strength of others to level up on your knowledge and grow your business
  • How to take your practice to the next level and take care of your team
  • How you can find an easier path to success by reaching out to those people who have the knowledge


Are you fed up of going it alone and want a shortcut to success? 

Find out more about the Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind and Marketing and Practice Growth CHALLENGE  

153 - Would You Have Put This in a Safe?

Listen to 153 - Would You Have Put This in a Safe?


I recently went to a local jewelry store with my daughter to pick out a birthday present for her friend. I thought it would be a great opportunity to find out what she would like for her own birthday. As she was looking, I told the sales-person to put whatever she liked aside. Then I would come back and pay for it.

However, when I went back to pick up the items and the sales-person who was helping me checked the reserve section they couldn’t find the jewelry my daughter had picked out.

After searching the entire store, the sales-person said that sometimes people don’t come back so they put the items back. My surprise was ruined. The owner then steps in saying “The next time we have an item to be reserved, what I want you to do is just give it to me and I’ll put it into the safe myself.”

This is something that I see happening in our dental practices. As the owner of a business it can be easy to just step in and “do it yourself.” But, if we want to level up in our leadership, we need to stop saying things like “I’ll put it in the safe myself.”

You can’t grow and scale your business by doing everything yourself. So, don’t be like that jewelry owner. Become the business owner that empowers your team and put processes in place that will help you build your business. Find out how on this episode of the podcast.


In this podcast episode, I discuss: 

  • Why a 'do it yourself' attitude is taking focus away from your business
  • The importance of empowering your team to be problem solvers
  • Why it is important to your business' success to make your team members effective leaders
  • Why you need to elevate and delegate to get you to the point where you no longer need to do it yourself
  • That to elevate your business, you need that skill-set and knowledge of how to delegate


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152 - Creating Experiences Worth Sharing with Ryan Vet

Listen to 152 - Creating Experiences Worth Sharing with Ryan Vet

It’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce my latest special guest on the podcast, Ryan Vet. With his can-do attitude and his positive vibes, he’s the perfect person to discuss creating experiences worth sharing with you all.

Ryan Vet is an international speaker, author, entrepreneur and investor. You may know Ryan from his writings in Forbes or Dental Economics or at speaking at a dental meeting near you.

He has devoted his life towards inspiring others towards a positive change. A fun fact many people don’t know about Ryan is that he’s a trained sommelier.


On the podcast we discussed: 

  • Ryan’s professional background and how he became an entrepreneur
  • How to create experiences worth sharing
  • Taking ordinary opportunities and transforming them into extraordinary experiences
  • Why you should walk in the shoes of your patients
  • How to create your own business identity
  • The importance of cultivating culture


If you just can’t get enough of Ryan, then he’s got a book coming out in November 2019 called Cracking the Millennial Code where he shares how to motivate and manage millennials. 

You can also find him on Twitter , Instagram and LinkedIn.


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151 - Are You Trusting Your Office Manager?

Listen to 151 - Are You Trusting Your Office Manager?

Once you have an Office Manager that really steps into their role, amazing things happen.

This week I dive into how to empower your Office Manager, and place them in the role of a Chief Operations Officer (COO). And, it doesn’t take much to make this change. In fact, it only takes the leap to be open and trusting enough to reveal your financial comings and goings.

Your COO, to truly take a decision-making role, needs to understand the difference between revenue (collection, production, hygiene-per-visit) and profit. Remember, profit is not your salary. It is what’s left after you’ve taken your salary.

If you have a COO that knows the full picture of your business finances, they will spontaneously generate solutions to cashflow problems that crop up. Believe me, it feels so good to have someone in your corner, helping you think about the bigger picture. But, that is only possible if you share everything needed to evaluate the health of your business.


On the podcast we cover:

  • Why you should treat your Office Manager as your Chief Operations Officer.
  • How to define the Office Manager role with specific accountability.
  • The story of my first business - a lemonade stand - and how my mom taught me what profit means.
  • Why it’s crucial to separate your salary from your business’s profit.
  • Getting your scheduling coordinator excited about their calls with patients by imparting the right skills and systems.
  • The importance of your Office Manager understanding profit and your practice’s financial health.
  • A story of the last time my Office Manager made a very helpful and proactive evaluation to help solve a cashflow problem.


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150 - Is Your Team Frustrating You?

Listen to 150 - Is Your Team Frustrating You?

I recently had somebody reach out to me for advice on training new team members. This doctor was feeling frustrated because they had just hired a new team member and they found themselves having to repeatedly tell the new hire what to do.

I understand that hiring someone new and training them over and over again can be super frustrating and time-consuming, which is why I wanted to talk about the steps you can take to get through this process much quicker.

In this episode of the podcast, I reveal why so many dentists struggle to train new team members and what you can do to document your practice’s processes so that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself every time you welcome new team members into your practice.


In this podcast episode, I discuss:

  • A lesson we learned at my practice when it comes to developing new processes for the future
  • Why it’s so easy to get frustrated with new team members
  • How to document your practice’s processes and save time training new team members
  • Why you should create training videos and use them for onboarding new staff
  • The importance of providing clear guidance and direction to your team


If you want to listen to the full podcast episode, click here. 

149 - The Secret to Preventing Employee Turnover with Dr. Paul Etchison

Listen to 149 - The Secret to Preventing Employee Turnover with Dr. Paul Etchison

On this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast, I’m thrilled to be joined by Dr. Paul Etchison, who reveals the secret to building a powerful dental team and preventing employee turnover.

Dr. Etchison is the author of ‘Dental Practice Hero: From Ordinary Practice to Extraordinary Experience,’ which details how dentists can grow startups to $1m in collections the first year, how to destress the day to day running of a practice and how to become a leader that influences practice culture so positively that practice growth becomes organic.

Dr. Etchison owns a large office in the Chicago suburbs and only does two days/week clinical dentistry. He is the host of the Dental Practice Heroes Podcast and during my conversation with him, he talks about dealing with team power, culture and running a great practice. Paul’s existing practice in Chicago is likely to collect a staggering $4.5 million in collections this year. If that’s not enough, Paul has never lost a single team member throughout the eight years his practice has been running, which means he has zero employee turnover.

On the podcast, we discuss:

  • How Dr. Etchison got into dentistry and started his own dental practice
  • Why Dr. Etchison has experienced zero turnover and what he attributes that to
  • Tips for hiring the best team members no matter where you are positioned
  • How to grow demand for your services and why block booking is so beneficial to your bottom line
  • The importance of creating an amazing patient experience and getting referrals from your existing patients
  • How to keep your team happy, engaged and accountable for practice growth

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148 - The Power of Belief

Listen to 148 - The Power of Belief

If you want to scale your practice, you need to believe that you can. You also need to have a great team that you can trust to help you achieve practice goals and work together to build a successful and profitable dental practice.

On this solo episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast, I talk about the true power of belief. Over the years, I’ve seen some practices grow by up to 70% and many members inside the inner circle of the Delivering WOW’s Platinum Mastermind group have experienced amazing practice growth too.

When you peel back the layers and really think about how all of these practices managed to grow so fast, it all comes down to the power of belief. They believed in themselves, their team and their practice. It was that inner belief that steered their decisions and helped them to achieve their dreams, both inside and outside of their practices.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Insider secrets that have helped practice owners grow their practice
  • The importance of having the right people in your practice
  • Why belief is so powerful and a crucial part of being able to successfully scale your practice
  • How to change your perspective by telling yourself empowering things that will motivate and inspire you to hit your goals
  • Why having belief in yourself, your team and your practice is so important and shouldn’t be overlooked

For more information and to explore other episodes, click here.

147 - How to Do Better Endo with Dr. Sonia Chopra

Listen to 147 - How to Do Better Endo with Dr. Sonia Chopra

Do you want to improve your confidence with endodontics? My guest on this episode of the podcast, Dr. Sonia Chopra, DDS, is a practicing endodontist who has made it her mission to help dentists improve their confidence with endodontics and their patients’ experience.

Dr. Sonia is the Founder of Sonia Chopra, DDS and E-School, an endodontic-focused community for dentists seeking to perfect their skills, improve their practice and enhance their patient care. Sonia was born without eight teeth and is no stranger to cavities, implants, and bridges. She always knew she was meant to become a dentist. It was like she was born to help people and with her own dental troubles ripe in her memory, it was easy to put herself in the patient’s chair and understand exactly how her patients felt.

But it wasn’t until an endodontist finally relieved Sonia of a months-long infection through a root canal that she understood the importance of saving teeth. Dr. Sonia firmly believes that the power to keep your patients healthy and happy — and out of such agony — lies within you and your commitment to deepening your understanding of endodontics.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Sonia’s personal dental troubles and how she found her way into dentistry
  • Why general dentists need to educate themselves and get better at endo
  • Challenges that dentists (and their patients) face due to a lack of endodontic knowledge
  • How Dr. Sonia’s “E-School” can help you build your endo knowledge and enhance patient outcomes
  • What you can expect to learn from E-School and why it’s so important for general dentists to get better at endo
  • The difference between the independent and coaching version of the program


Dentists face a lack of endodontic resources, which means you’re losing patients every day. If you want to enhance your endodontics training and provide better care for your patients, you NEED to enrol in E-School: Online Endodontic Continuing Education for General Dentists, an online endodontic course by Sonia Chopra, DDS.

To learn more about this course and how Dr. Sonia Chopra is helping general dentists like you perfect their endo skills, you can visit Dr. Sonia’s website.

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146 - How To Create Opportunities To Invest In Your Practice's Success

Listen to 146 - How To Create Opportunities To Invest In Your Practice's Success

When it comes to evaluating a practice’s success, most practice owners focus on production or collections. However, what really matters most is profit, which is why I’ve invited Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman from Crazy Dental Prices onto the podcast to chat about growing your practice so that it’s as profitable as possible.

Crazy Dental Prices is a DC Dental company and a members-only service that gives dentists access to a range of brand name products at the cheapest prices – guaranteed. The team at Crazy Dental prices reviews competitive dealer pricing and consolidates the information on its website, offering an unparalleled online shopping experience.

If you’re a dentist who wants to spend more time treating patients and less time negotiating for the best-priced supplies, Crazy Dental Prices will help you to reduce overhead while improving the quality of care that your practice delivers to its patients.


On the podcast, we discussed:

  • How Howie and Jay started and what lead them to Crazy Dental Prices
  • What Crazy Dental is and how they can match the lowest price on each item in the dental market
  • Tips to generate higher profits and cut your overhead
  • How to cut expenses and relocate budgets to areas that can help grow your practice
  • How vendors convince you to pay more for dental supplies and how to spot the signs
  • Why it’s so important to invest in yourself, your education and your practice
  • How to join the Crazy Dental Price Club


Would you like to sign-up to become a member of Crazy Dental Prices?

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Crazy Dental Prices, email and use the promo code WOW10 at checkout for 10% off your order!


For more information, head over to:

How To Keep Your Hygiene Patients Coming Back

Listen to How To Keep Your Hygiene Patients Coming Back

Hi guys, and welcome to another episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast. I actually wanted to come and talk to you guys about hygiene reappointment rate. So that is the number of patients, or the percentage of patients, that have a next appointment scheduled for dental hygiene. Now, what's been really interesting is I am going through Q3 planning with our inner circle, and we've got a few new people that have just joined our inner circle, and a few of them are really rocking their hygiene reappointment percentage, and we had a few that are not quite there yet. And what's really interesting that I tell people is that there's always going to be something that you're focusing on. You might be focusing on learning how to do a new service, so you're taking CEs, right? You might be focusing on creating a process for how you answer the phones, right? So there's things that you're going to be focusing on, and because you're focusing on that, you're not even thinking about other things.

But, however, once you have processes in place, or you have a coach or your mentor, or you have tools, such as scorecards, to be able to look at things consistently, that's when change can really happen, right? And so I wanted to talk to you guys about a simple and easy process to be able to have consistency with your hygiene reappointment rate. Now, why do we want to do that? The reason why is that we have patients who are coming in. Our role is to keep them healthy, and if patients are slipping through the cracks, meaning life happens, time passes, and before you know it, a year passes, they are no longer in the healthy zone for many of them, right? Years pass, and again, bacteria's continuing to grow and grow, and they're missing lots of places, right? So we start looking at how can we help our patients to be more consistent. How can we create processes that patients do not have their healthcare slip through the cracks? And it is really looking at how do we have processes in our practice that can help hold our patients accountable.

And so I just wanted to share a process with you that has allowed me and my practice, as well as the practices that we work with Delivering WOW to be able to consistently have at least a 97%, 98% hygiene reappointment rate. Now, why do I say not 100? Because there are going to be patients who quite simply cannot have a pre-booked appointment. A few examples in my particular practice is we have some people who live all over the world, so they may live in England, they may live in Canada, they may live in parts of the Caribbean, they may live in different places. And so they may not be able to set their next appointment, because it's only when they come in and they travel on specific holidays where they have their dental work done. We also have students who are in university, and so we're not 100% sure when they will be back in town. Same thing, we have students who are in boarding school, and so those students will typically come home for Christmas, and they'll come in the summer, and we'll see them during those specific times.

But outside of that, I really want to make sure that all of our patients have a next appointment on the schedule, and so what we have done is we created a process, and how it works is when Mr. Joe comes in, we say, "Hey, Mr. Joe, I'm going to go ahead and make your next appointment for six months, and if it does not work for you at the time, then we can always change it. But we found that a lot of times, life happens, and what happens is that in the past, before we were pre-making appointments or pre-booking appointments, a lot of times patients just, life happened and things slipped through the cracks. And we want to make sure that we keep you on track, because as you know, when you're cleaning your teeth at home, you're not able to get everything. You're doing your best, but when you come in, we have mirrors and we have lights, and so we want to make sure that we keep you healthy and keep you consistent."

Now, there are going to be patients, of course, that say, "Well, I don't know where I'm going to be in six months," and so this is a process that will allow them to feel comfortable still making the appointment. So what we do, or what we have done, is inside of our practice management software, there's always a color where you can have a customized, for example, you will have an area that says left message, and it will be a customized color. Maybe it's going to be purple. You have one that says confirmed. You have all of these different colors that can be there to code your appointment. So what we did was we actually created a new code, and it was called pre-booked. So we have Dentrix. We went in and we created an additional one called pre-booked, and we actually chose the color red. And so what we do is when we make the appointment, we will always want to make the appointment if possible the same day that the patient is in, and around the same time. And if we're always doing that, then that appointment time and day will pretty much always be available, right?

So we'll go ahead and put that in, make sure that works for the patients. We will go ahead and choose the pre-booked color, and then what we do is fast forward six months every month, sorry, every Monday. What we do is every single Monday we look at, the front desk looks at, the next week's schedule, and anyone who has a red as a color code, we know that they were pre-booked six months ago. And so the front desk calls them, says, "Hey Mr. Joe, just reminding you that we had scheduled an appointment for you. It's going to be next week, Tuesday, at 2:00PM. Confirming that that time works for you. We look forward to seeing you then." And they'll say, "Yes, sounds great. I'll see you then." And we'll go ahead and get them confirmed. And if they say, "Oh no, I'm traveling," we say, "Not a problem. We can go ahead and move that appointment for you," and we go ahead and say, "When are you coming back from your travels?" And they'll say, "Well, I'll be back on a specific date," and we'll say, "You know what? Let's wait about a week, because I'm sure you'll be busy when you get back, and if you'd like we can schedule it the following week, if that works for you. We can do either morning or afternoon. Which would you prefer?"

And so the goal here is to never let the patient actually come off the schedule. If they cannot make it, you find another time, because what you want to make sure, and this is the verbiage, is that you don't have their healthcare slip through the cracks, right? And what we have found is that when patients say they will call back, life happens, and before you know it, they're three months, four months, sometimes a year, even, past due. And you can tell the patients that, because that's the truth, right? And it makes sense, and they're like, "You know what? You're right. Let me go ahead and make that appointment." And so that is the process.

Now, there are going to be some patients that you're not going to get on the phone right away, so you do have an opportunity to make a few attempts. Also, as you know, there are automated processes, so we have that in place, as well. That can send an email reminder or a text reminder to the patient, and so we have that process in place, as well. But it's really nice to be able to have that phone call, because that's when patients will say, "Oh no, I'm traveling," because sometimes what happens, I know I've had this happen, as well, I'll have an appointment and I mean to call, I mean to call, but I get busy and then I'm like, "Oh no." Like it's the day before or two days before. And so if somebody called me a week ahead, and I knew that I was traveling, then I could just move the appointment, and you would have less opportunities there, in terms of the practice, to have people who are no-showing or are breaking appointments.

And it's also an opportunity, as well, to be able to look at unscheduled treatment that they have not actually completed within the six months' time, and you can go ahead and get that scheduled while they're already there. Again, "Mr. Joe, you're coming in for your cleaning. We noticed that you still have two fillings that have not been done in the last six months. We'd like to get that scheduled for you while you're coming that same visit, if that works for you, so that you don't have to miss more work. We can just get it all done while you're here, and you'll be done with all of those fillings."

So that's kind of the verbiage, and again, that allows you to be able to increase the production on the doctor's side, while you are also, of course, keeping your hygiene schedule consistently booked and filled. And you know, it's really interesting, a lot of times we focus on marketing, and you'll have 10 patients a month that you're getting from marketing, or 20, or 30, or 90, or whatever the number is, and a lot of times, practices are not actually checking what's happening in the back door, and you have patients that are falling through the cracks and just as you're getting 20 patients a month, you have 20 that are becoming inactive every month or have not come in for the last 18 months. And so this is a really great process that's going to allow you to be able to keep your patients healthy, keep them on track, have a really great process for communicating with your patients, making sure that you are not having patients slip through the cracks, as well as allow you to be able to do more restorative work and get that unscheduled treatment rescheduled.

So I hope that helps for you, and I really love being able to share all of these amazing tips and strategies with all of you. You are my people, and I love our Delivering WOW Podcast listeners, and our Delivering WOW community. Now, if you haven't had a chance, please make sure you're joining us inside of our Facebook group, which is And if you haven't had a chance already to sign up for our next marketing and practice growth challenge, you can do that by going to All right, guys, that is it for today. Take care and keep Delivering WOW.

The courage of a leader

Listen to The courage of a leader

Hi, guys and welcome to another episode of the Delivering WOW Dental podcast. Today is going to be a little bit of a coaching session and today, we're going to be talking about how do you assume leadership? How do you level up, to be able to run a successful dental practice? So, what I see happening, so many times, is doctors are reaching out to me and they're blaming their team, right? They're like, "Oh, well, my team does not want to do vision boards. My team does not want to do scorecards. My team does not want to stay past 4:00 PM. My team does not want to, my team does not want to." Right?

Then, I look at practices where the teams are super pumped up and excited to actually help the business grow. I want to talk to you guys today about, how do you get that team that is excited to be able to work alongside you, to be able to create a really amazing place inside of your community? What I see happening, so many times with practices, is that, to be honest with you, you have not necessarily done due diligence in hiring.

What I mean by that, for you who are practice owners who are listening to this podcast, it's super important, before you even think about hiring a team member, that you're super clear about what you are expecting out of them. What is going to be their job description, right? Also, making sure that they are clear, in terms of what is expected of them, right? For example, if they are an office manager, it's not going to be possible for them to say, "Well, I can't come in until 10 o'clock." Or, "I can't work on Thursdays." Right?

It's not going to be possible, because the office manager or the team lead, they are the one who is essentially running the business for the doctor. Taking the doctor's vision and carrying it out, ensuring that all projects, in terms of community service and marketing projects are being done, whether they're doing it or not, right? Overseeing to make sure that it's done. Making sure that processes are continuously being built, systems. Written documentation of processes, making sure that the practice is growing week-to-week. That scorecards are being done right.

If you're getting resistance, doctors, from your office manager, saying that they are not able to do the things that need to be done, to be able to run the business, then either, to be honest with you, you've made a bad hire, right? It's not the right person for your culture. Or even more so, what happened is that a lot of times, we have not been clear about our expectations. What I find a lot, is that doctors are really amazing people and they are very kind. Sometimes, they're very afraid to step up and be a leader. If they are not happy with something that they're seeing in their business, they keep quiet.

I can tell you one thing that I've always said in my business, is that if somebody is going to be disappointed, it's not going to be me. It's not going to be me. I'm going to make sure that what we believe in is going to happen. If that means that, for example, we have made a decision that we are going to do one marketing campaign every month to help all the community, then it has to be done. Or, if we're going to give headphones and iPads to our patients while they're having a procedure done, so that they can listen to music, it has to be done, right?

As you're stepping into leadership, for many of you guys, it's super important that you understand that the business that you are running, you will get what you deserve, or you will get what you put into it. Or, you will get what you envision for your business, right? If you have a vision to be able to have a business where people are working alongside you, then first, you have to visualize that. Number two, you have to look at the employees that you have right now and think, "Are they there with my vision?"

One thing that we do inside of our platinum program and our inner circle, is we always want to make sure that we can get the teams aligned and we see who is on our team or not. Who's going to be a part of our practice vision or not. We find that out really early. Typically, what I find is, when we work with practices within the first year, there's changes in their team. Why? Because the doctors become better leaders. They know clearly what they want, they know what they're going to tolerate and what they're not. They're going to be better at hiring and being very clear and specific about what the roles are, right?

So, one of the things that we do with teams, of course, are the vision boards. Some people think that that's a little, silly exercise, but it's actually not a silly exercise. Having vision boards allows you to see what team members are going to give you pushback, or what team members are going to be excited, because guess what happens? Once the business grows and everybody works together, the team can achieve whatever is on that vision board. If they truly believe that they are in the right place with the right doctor, with the right teammates, then there's nothing that the team cannot do together.

As I start looking at, how can I grow businesses, how can I work alongside practice owners so that they can get to time and financial freedom? It is super important to be very clear, in your mind, about the business that you are going to have. Not one that you wish or hope that you're going to have. Not Looking at what others have and being envious. I see some of the people that we work with, they've got amazing teams and they come to us and they're like, "You know what? We've just flatlined. We have been in other coaching programs and nothing has changed. Our team wants to be able to get to the next level and we a need next level of training to be able do that."

I love when those practices come to us and then we have some that are, quite honestly, a mess. There's a lot of resistance and negativity on the team and the doctor is afraid to step up and be that leader. So, if you're listening to this and you are that leader or that future leader in your business, I encourage you, make that decision today, right? Make that decision today, that you're going to have that practice that you dreamed of. We spent a lot of time going into dental school and have put a lot of time, effort, expense and tears into building an amazing business that's going to allow us to be able to help a ton of people inside of our community. It's no way that we're going to be able to do that alone.

We have to have dedicated people who are working side-by-side, arm-by-arm with us, so that we can achieve the goals. We start looking at, "We need to have weekly scorecards done so that we can know if the doctor production per visit is high or low. We need to make sure that the whiteboards are being done. We need to make sure that the AR is kept below a certain amount." Right? There has to be consistent processes. If you have a team that's giving you pushback or making excuses, you're never going to achieve your goal, right?

A lot of those key metric tools that we utilize are there to be able to even highlight and see weaknesses. You look at, for example, if a hygiene production per visit is low, I can look at it and say, "Well, why is this so low?" When I'm reviewing scorecards at practices and then the doctors are like, "Well, my team member offered sealants to patients, but they told them 'no', so they're uncomfortable talking to the patients about sealants." I'm like, "Okay, well this is an opportunity for training." Like, "Don't accept that." Like, "Your team has to be trained on how to have verbal skills. They have to know that 4 out of 10 people are going to tell them 'no'."

Just expect that. So the first four, you're like, "All right, that was one of my four." Then, the fifth one tells you, "Yeah." You have prevented a health problem and them having a cavity, right? The benefit is definitely more than being afraid to have a conversation or communicate, you know what I mean?

Anyway, I hope this helps. I am just about to pull into my office right now, but I just wanted to send out that message today to you and I hope it speaks to you. We will chat soon. Again, if you have not joined us inside of our Facebook group, please join us at the Delivering WOW hangout. Once you're in there, please make sure that your introduce yourself so I can know who you are. I love Facebook Live videos, so if you can even come on and do a Facebook Live and introduce yourself, tell us a little bit more about you, we would love to get to know more about you and your practice. All right, guys, take care. Until next time, keep delivering WOW.

145 - The Power of Virtual Consults with Dr. Brian Harris

Listen to 145 - The Power of Virtual Consults with Dr. Brian Harris

Have you ever considered hosting a virtual consult with a patient? This is still a relatively new concept in the dental industry but it’s really taking off for my guest on this episode of the podcast, Dr. Brian Harris. 

Dr. Brian Harris is the Founder and CEO at Smile Virtual Consult, where he and his team provide treatment advice and guidance to patients via a 10-15 minute customized video. Patients simply submit a photo of their smile and a Smile Virtual Consult doctor responds with the answers to their questions along with recommendations for improving their smile.

Dr. Brian Harris is a cosmetic dentist based in Phoenix, AZ. He’s known for his ability to help patients achieve a beautiful smile and answering their questions for free in an open, honest and convenient way. In my discussion with him, we talk about how useful virtual consults are and why more dentists should leverage them in their practices.

On the podcast we discussed… 

  • How Brian got into cosmetic dentistry and what sparked his passion for virtual consults
  • What a virtual consult is and how it can help generate leads for your practice
  • How to let your patients know your practice offers virtual consults
  • How virtual consults can help you increase your conversion rate and case acceptance
  • The importance of connecting with your patients and being authentic
  • Why virtual consults are a great way to get more referrals through word of mouth 

If you’d like to find out more about Dr. Brian Harris and Smile Virtual Consult, you can visit their website and check out the 'I’m a Doctor' tab to schedule a call with a member of the team and learn more about how Smile Virtual Consult can help you connect with more patients. 

To listen to the full podcast episode, click here. 

The Patterns of High Performers

Listen to The Patterns of High Performers

Anissa Holmes:
What's up, guys? And welcome to another episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast. I am super excited to be coming on today. So I just want us to share a few observations. As I was talking about on my last podcast, we had opened up our inner circle for about a week and we actually invited people who had been through our business acceleration boot camps and people who were in our coaching level of our Platinum Mastermind to apply. And what's really interesting is, again, patterns. You guys know I love to talk about patterns that I see and patterns for success, right? Now, this is really, really interesting because I do quite a few phone calls for practice owners who are looking to grow their businesses. And all of the practice owners that I spoke with this week who were interested in Inner Circle... First of all, they all signed up for inner circle.

Anissa Holmes:
But the interesting thing is that they were so excited, they were all in. They had done their homework and they were ready to get results, right? And it really makes me think about action takers. And interestingly, the same thing for me. A few weeks ago, I did a speaker training. And it was amazing. It was phenomenal. And so, as many of you guys know, I'm going to be speaking at Funnel Hacker Live, which is a huge marketing conference. And so I want to go all in to being able to deliver the best presentation ever. And so I'm speaking to another friend who is an amazing speaker and he actually works with men. He has a men's group that helps men to be better husbands and it's amazing. And so he had a speaking trainer that he has worked with as well.

Anissa Holmes:
And so I'm really overly obsessed with this whole thing right now, maybe. But I went all in and interestingly, the next training is a week and a half from now and it's in California. And of course, I'm like, "I know this person can help me, I know they can get me results. I see what they've done with my friend." And I did some research and I was just like, "I'm all in." And I look at, again, the patterns of people who are successful. I look at the patterns of those people who are in my inner circle. I look at the patterns of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, successful dentists. And what's interesting, by the way, is that the doctors that joined my inner circle this week, they... Interestingly, money was not a big topic of discussion for them.

Anissa Holmes:
It was just like, "I want in. It doesn't really matter, the cost and because know it's going to give me results." And they did not micromanage, asking so many questions about the process. They just have seen how we've helped them already and they see the people that we've helped and they decided to be all in. And they're going to have amazing success and I'm so excited for them. And I think about calls that I have with some people who are interested in joining the platinum and we are on a call for a really long time and at the end of the day, they're like, "Wow, this can really help me with marketing. Wow, this can help me with hiring. Wow, this can help me with case acceptance. Wow, this can help me with building processes to know where there are leaky spots."

Anissa Holmes:
But then we come off the call and... Actually, before we come off the call, they were like, "Oh, how much is it a month?" And, "Oh gosh," and I'm like, "Well, if you're not ready to invest in the $1,200 a month program, that's why we have the $300 a month program." And if we can't grow your business, teaching you similar processes that we teach our inner circle that's allowing them to grow and add an extra $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 a month.... If we can't give you that with our program, we might as well just shut it down. And so despite that, these are people that know that it can help them and know that it can take them to the next level. And maybe they don't believe that the investment can get them to the next level.

Anissa Holmes:
Maybe that's it. But I find a different pattern and that pattern is that some people are just really slow. And one of the guys today, I was on the phone with him and I'm just like, "You know what? It doesn't matter to me if you join the program or not. I want you to join it so that you can grow your business. But I know the program is amazing and I know it helps people get results." And so I'm like, "What's going to hold you back and what's holding you back? If it's okay, if I can get permission to coach you for a little bit." It's what holds people back from growing, is procrastination. And what holds people back is not taking a leap of faith and believing them themselves and giving themselves an opportunity to be successful.

Anissa Holmes:
And so they just do nothing and give themselves a chance to perhaps have failure. I don't know. Interestingly, as I've become... really started to own this whole mental space of my own, of knowing and having the confidence that what we're doing is crazy life changing and it's not being taught in any other programs. I'm just asking people, "Can I give you my... Can I get permission to just coach you on this?" Because that's what good coaches do. And one of my inner circle members today, I was like, "My job is to love on you. I love you so much, but my job is to kick your butt because you're not going to grow if I just am your friend and I don't point out what you need to work on. I love you so much to kick your butt." And she's like, "Yeah, I know. That's what I need."

Anissa Holmes:
So anyway, I am not really sure where I'm going with this podcast, but I guess the message here is that if you're finding something that can help you, and it's not just with the Platinum Mastermind or Delivering WOW. Perhaps it is a program that you want to learn how to be a better cook. I don't know. And you know that it's going to give you what you want. You just have to do it. Sitting around and procrastinating and thinking about it is robbing you of time where you can be successful. So I hope this message speaks to you and I'd love to be able to get to know more about you and your practice and if there's anything I can do for you, reach out to me. I'm here to help. I'm here to serve and I want to see you be successful. All right guys, that is it. If you've not had a chance to join our Facebook group, join us at and we'll chat soon.

144 - How to Treat More Rockstar Patients with Weston Lunsford

Listen to 144 - How to Treat More Rockstar Patients with Weston Lunsford

I’m so excited to introduce you to my special guest on this episode of the podcast, Weston Lunsford. Together, we discuss how you can find your ideal patient and the things you can do to attract more ‘rockstar’ patients to your practice. 

As CEO of Dental Intelligence, Weston oversees the strategic direction of the company and its products. While he is responsible for the revenue growth and future expansion plans, he dedicates a large part of his time to be intimately involved with their clients, the dentists, to fully understand their needs, wants and experience with their solutions.

Weston spent the previous 10 years as the founder and principal partner in Lunsford Peck, a Certified Public Accounting firm providing services for medical and dental professionals with nearly 2,000 clients. 

Weston and his team are passionate about what they do. They trust in each other and in their abilities to create something special, something unique, and something impactful. As Dental Intel always says, “we make incredible happen!”

On the podcast we discussed: 

  • Weston’s professional background and how he got into dentistry with Dental Intel
  • How to increase production in your practice
  • Why it’s important to identify the type of dentistry you want to do
  • Efficient ways to target your ideal patients
  • Why and how you should rate your patients
  • How to increase patient retention

If you’d like to get a FREE practice analysis from Dental Intel, whereby you’ll discover strengths and opportunities for growth in your practice, click here.

For more information and to explore other episodes, click here.