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The Dr. Chris Griffin Show

The Dr. Chris Griffin Show is for YOU, the practice owner doctor who is running a small business with all the hectic challenges that come with it. During each episode Dr. Griffin will tackle challenges that are getting in the way of your ideal lifestyle with simple, actionable steps learned from his decade of coaching dentists, physicians, and chiropractors to practice success with less stress and more productivity. When you invest your time, you will walk away from each episode with a checklist of simple action steps that are guaranteed to make you more profitable and allow you to enjoy more time off with your family.

When and How Can We Re-Open? – Dr. Tom Larkin Takes Action to Save Our Practices

Listen to When and How Can We Re-Open? – Dr. Tom Larkin Takes Action to Save Our PracticesDr. Tom Larkin is a professor and a private practitioner. He has been screaming (well, not screaming, he's pretty soft-spoken) from the rooftops for years that we had to change the way we operated because it was just a matter of time before our profession would be changed forever. Enter COVID19. If we want to re-open and get back to any type of pre-covid normalcy, there are things that we MUST do right now. IF YOU FIGURE THIS OUT, you will have an advantage over everybody else. Oh, and the Elephant in the Room..... HYGIENE! How in the heck are we supposed to deal with hygiene re-opening?!? Well, it's at the 15:26 minute point, but don't skip ahead or you'll miss details you Must Have today. Remember, we're all in this together! You can visit Dr. Larkin's dental bootstrap project here: (

Special Crisis Edition – How to Rise From the Ashes Again

Listen to Special Crisis Edition – How to Rise From the Ashes AgainWhen this crisis if over, we must Restore our Practice, Remake our Systems, Rebuild our Dreams, and Reclaim our Future. Note: you can watch this video in our (Facebook group here) In 2013 I faced a similar crisis when my practice burned down overnight. This lecture details the exact steps I took then to rebuild my practice This is your opportunity and now is the time for all of us to "Burn Down" and failed systems that were already causing us pain and remake them perfect! Remember, we're all in this together. If you would like CE credit for this episode or watch the video of the lecture, go to our Facebook Group at This is the community of solo and small practice owners navigating this crisis.

Orthodontics Under Assault – Dr. Amanda Wilson Reveals the Real Dirt on the Ortho Industry

Listen to Orthodontics Under Assault – Dr. Amanda Wilson Reveals the Real Dirt on the Ortho Industry (TOO BUSY TO LISTEN RIGHT NOW? GET THE TRANSCRIPT HERE) Dr. Amanda Wilson levels with dentists about what is going on in ortho today and with Smile Direct Club, including strategies to take them on and use their millions spent to boost your own practice. Dr. Amanda candidly pulls back the curtain about what is really going on with the Purple People Eaters and the decline Orthodontists have seen for the past decade and a half. After telling us what we should REALLY know about Smile Direct Club, she dives into how it's a No-Brainer that general dentists should be adding Ortho to their practices... Then, she tells us exactly how to do it! From wire braces, to Invisalign, to In-House aligners, and even White Label trays... Dr. Amanda explains in detail how we can all save Two-Thirds of our lab case fees!!! WooHoo. Any self-respecting general dentist who wants to add ortho to their practice (and you would be dumb not to want that) needs to listen to this podcast VERY slowly and take notes. If you don't, you probably don't need to be doing braces anyway. She gives us that many amazing tips, diamonds, tricks, secrets, etc. Tune In Now! Go to her website to learn all about the special offer (truly a great one you shouldn't turn down) here: (

Can Memberships Rescue Practices Under Assault? – State of Dentistry 2019

Listen to Can Memberships Rescue Practices Under Assault? – State of Dentistry 2019Jerry Jones and Dr. Chris Griffin unveil the #1 way to rescue dental practices under assault using memberships among other brilliant ideas. Recently Jerry Jones released the shocking 6th edition of the State of Dentistry.  He has researched every aspect of the current dental economy and interviewed the very best in our field. His conclusions are startling and this post-report interview might even be better as he reveals the one thing that made his practice sell for more than it should have. Any dentist can duplicate this winning strategy. Listen in and take careful notes if you want the #1 way smart dentists are securing their practices even in these challenging times.

Drs. Erin Elliott and T-Bone Agarwal – Future Shifts of Private Practice – Season 3 Episode 3

Listen to Drs. Erin Elliott and T-Bone Agarwal – Future Shifts of Private Practice – Season 3 Episode 3The Dynamic Duo of Erin Elliott and Tarun “T-Bone” Agarwal is fighting the status quo of how to practice and how to learn better than Batman and Robin teamed up to fight crime.  Just exchange Raleigh, North Carolina for Gotham and you get the idea.  Nestled in the Appalachians is one of the hottest learning centers in America and it’s not by accident.  Whether it’s Dr. Erin’s Sleep 101 course or T-Bones 3D workflows, dentists who travel down to see them are never disappointed because these two give more than any student would expect. Today, T-Bone challenges me on catching the wave of the future in private practice and Erin tries to keep him calm while adding her own 2 cents in a much less ‘in-your-face’ style that is uniquely her own. Did they convince me to change my ways… Listen and you’ll  find out, plus much more like: Why practicing non-solo doesn’t have to mean losing autonomy The biggest reason why most dentists will never try to work in difficult procedures, like Sleep and 3D, and how a simple but effective hack would change that The trick to getting students to implement once they get home that almost nobody shares and why you probably don’t implement either And much, much more. Enjoy

Elijah Desmond – Dental Super-preneur Season 3 Episode 2

Listen to Elijah Desmond – Dental Super-preneur Season 3 Episode 2Elijah Desmond is the dental Super-preneur whirlwind who is famous, not for being a hygienist, or for co-founding DentalHub 360, or for co-founding Smiles at Sea, or Driven Dental Marketing…. Those things are cool and all, but Desmond is famous for being just a tremendous human being. This was evidenced over the holiday when I saw his video about helping an anonymous dentist who was struggling. I donated a little bit and I encourage you to as well. If Desmond says it’s for a good cause, I believe him and after this interview, you should, too. (Here’s the link to his GoFundMe page)  

Dr. Nathan Ho – New Patient Expert – Season 3 Episode 1

Listen to Dr. Nathan Ho – New Patient Expert – Season 3 Episode 1Today we interview Dr. Nathan Ho, new patient expert with a specialty in getting tons of amazing ‘real’ reviews.  This is quickly becoming the number 1 way to get patients at a reasonable cost. You can watch part one of this awesome interview on his Facebook Group, Dental Win Win. You can also watch the Video Podcast of this interview on our new YouTube Channel.

Productive Case Acceptance – Season 2 Episode 10

Listen to Productive Case Acceptance – Season 2 Episode 10We’re back with Chris Moriarity, productivity specialist and overall great guy. In this episode Chris shares how he would approach the problem that I have been having lately…. Low Case Acceptance. No guys, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  You just have to roll up your sleeves and solve the problem. Chris breaks me down and then builds me up. You’ve got to hear it, then you’ll understand.

Renaissance Dental Mom – Season 2 Episode 9

Listen to Renaissance Dental Mom – Season 2 Episode 9Dr. Emily Letran is someone special in our profession. An immigrant from Vietnam, she has become a true leader in dentistry and an inspiration for women dentists everywhere. Her story is a tear-jerker, but the way she has conquered life step-by-step will leave you looking for her name on seminar stages all around. Listen in and you will learn how she: Drove the fast track from communist food lines to high achiever and even became so good at this, she is now a certified coach Finds a way to always take Action to Win even though she is ‘busier’ than dentists who feel ‘maxxed out’ Has created a seminar series to teach others how to take massive action She is truly an inspiration.  Don’t miss out!

Season 2 Episode 8 – A Very Productive Coach Pt. 1

Listen to Season 2 Episode 8 – A Very Productive Coach Pt. 1Chris Moriarity has worked with enough dentists by now that he knows that massive hyper-production is not the only important statistic.  He also helps solo and private practicing dentists find out what makes them happy in their profession.  Of course he knows how to make their production numbers rain down if that’s what they want. Here’s part 1 of a very interesting discussion that was planned for only one episode, but was found to contain too many gems to edit down that much.  

Season 2 Episode 7 – Stand Out as an Implant Dentist

Listen to Season 2 Episode 7 – Stand Out as an Implant DentistWe caught up with a true Stand Out Dentist, Dr. Ron Receuver of Louisville, Kentucky.  He totally transformed the way he practices over the past decade to become the go-to guy when locals think of dental implants in that area. If you want to learn how to stand out as an implant dentist or just to transform your practice period, you should pay close attention to this interview. In it you will learn: How he transitioned from insurance dependence and general practice to “The Implant Guy” How he learned a much better way to attract the patients he wanted than the ‘Standard’ discounted and free offers most dentists fall victim to thinking work (Hint: they really don’t anymore) How to Dominate Your Market Area doing things that scare most dentists And Much, Much More…

Life After Dentistry with Jerry Jones – Season 2 Episode 6

Listen to Life After Dentistry with Jerry Jones – Season 2 Episode 6One of the biggest questions that I keep hearing is, “When Can I Safely Retire?” Well, if you have had that thought rolling around in your head, today is your lucky day.  Jerry Jones is a practice owner and a dental marketing coach extraordinaire for over a decade.  He has also been hearing that a lot lately and I sat down with him to see what best practices he has seen work from his dentists who were in that same boat. In this episode you will learn: Great options for dentists who want to ‘Slow Down’ but don’t want to actively retire. The Revenue numbers that dentists need to be hitting if they want to actually Get Out of dentistry safely. The Top Mistakes that he and I have both seen dentists make when they try to Get Out Too Soon.  Plus how to avoid being a statistic in that regard. And Much, Much More…

Dr. Mark Costes on Growing Multiple Practices – Season 1 Episode 5

Listen to Dr. Mark Costes on Growing Multiple Practices – Season 1 Episode 5Dr. Mark Costes is the founder of multiple dental practices and also of the wildly successful Dental Success Institute.  Today, he gives his unique experiences to answer questions about dentists and their path toward growth and retirement. In this episode you will learn: The things you MUST get right if you even want to consider owning multiple practices (most shouldn’t) The most common mistakes he has personally seen dentists make as they try to choose a new way to practice and how could they have simply avoided them if they followed this simple principle. The very best options he has seen for dentists who want to slow down, but don’t want to retire and can’t imagine their income going down. And Much, Much More…

Can Your Supply Company Help You Achieve Work/Life Balance? Season 2 Episode 4

Listen to Can Your Supply Company Help You Achieve Work/Life Balance? Season 2 Episode 4A 4th generation CEO is breaking traditions and breaking the mold of the way that dental supply companies communicate with today’s dentists. Julie Charlestein reveals the cutting edge ways that she is steering her company, Premiere Dental, into the next frontier of interactive patient treatment alongside a new generation of dentists who value collaboration moreso than most every generation in the past. In this episode you will learn: Why millennial dentists think about practice differently than “old Gen Xers” (Note: both Julie and Dr. Griffin are Gen Xers) and the media that her company is using to communicate in a way that’s a win-win. How the ‘3 Day Dentist’ is becoming the norm for new dentists who are seeking to become the most balanced generation of dentists EVER How a “nimble” company like Premiere can take advantage of the newest advances in multiple channel supply fulfillment to help agile dentists avoid headaches and unnecessary aggravation. And Much, Much More…

Reinventing Tomorrow’s Conferences – Season 2 Episode 3

Listen to Reinventing Tomorrow’s Conferences – Season 2 Episode 3Dr. Jason Luchtefeld is changing the face of one of the most famous dental conferences in the U.S.  He joins us to discuss how the Dentaltown Townie meeting is staying ahead of the times and how they are innovating next year’s event to stay relevant with the changing tastes of today’s dentists.  Dr. Luchtefeld also reveals how the Townie is not only embracing technological advances, but making sure that dentists who commit their precious time to attending leave with multiples of ROI on their investment of time and money. On this episode we will unveil: How Howard Farran is constantly challenging the Townie Meeting team to innovate and stay ahead of the field How unique tracks at this year’s Townie meeting will triple the value of attendees there How the CE Director at a Top 5 Dental Meeting can bring value to attendees for years after they attend And Much, Much More…  

The Silicon Valley Bonus System – Season 2 Episode 2

Listen to The Silicon Valley Bonus System – Season 2 Episode 2Walt Disney and Steve Jobs Inspired the Most Amazing Team Bonus System in History.  Learn how you can convert it to your dental practice to motivate and reward your dental team WITHOUT creating a monster, runaway bonus system that will eventually wreck your practice and make everyone miserable. In this episode you will learn: How to identify a Death Spiral Bonus before it makes everyone miserable and kills your team unity  How to apply the Silicon Valley System to your Practice in a way that could double your practice and make your team love you for it!  You can stop spending THOUSANDS each year with big marketing companies and slick consultants who try to convince you that your results are better than they actually are. And Much, Much More…

Season 2 Premiere – Is Live CE Dead? 7 Reasons You’d Better Hope Not

Listen to Season 2 Premiere – Is Live CE Dead?  7 Reasons You’d Better Hope NotSeason 2 Premiere – Our new direction will be 2 fold. First, we want to draw attention to the declining popularity of Live CE and to promote the 7 reasons why it is an integral part of our profession that we cannot let die. Secondly, we want to re-commit to our belief that a motivated, happy dental team will always outperform teams that aren’t enthusiastic and engaged. That can make all the difference in your practice and in turn, your life. In this episode you will learn: 5 Big Excuses Dentists Make to Not Attend Live CE that mark them as candidates for early retirement 7 Big Benefits of Attending Live CE that Sub-Par Dentists Ignore and Winning Dentists Use to Their Advantage Every Day The Power of a Motivated Team in Creating the Practice and Lifestyle You Really Want at Work and at Home The Danger of Living with a Death Spiral Bonus in Place And Much, Much More…

7 Inconvenient Truths Bound to Change Solo Practice Forever – Season 1 Episode 24 – Finale

Listen to 7 Inconvenient Truths Bound to Change Solo Practice Forever – Season 1 Episode 24 – FinaleWe’ve come to the Season 1 Finale and it has been quite a ride.  As we finish this year I wanted to make sure that everyone listening understood that moving forward, this show will be focused on the Solo, Private General Practitioner. Along those lines and following up on the 7 Big Problems we talked about last episode, today’s episode will focus on 7 Inconvenient Truths that Will Continue to Drive the Direction of the Solo Dentist in America. If you can understand these and align your practice accordingly, you stand a great chance to prosper moving forward. In this Episode You Will Learn: The ONLY Circumstances that must exist if you are going to practice as a “Cutting Edge” Insurance-Free (relatively speaking) Practice.  As Fox Mulder once said, “They are out there.”  But, as I say, “They are hard to find and harder to make successful.” Where the Search for “New” Income will have to come from during the next decade.  It is the only place left to look and it will cause some serious friction in our profession as the Solo GPs will face serious opposition. Why Patient Visits being down was bound to create trickle-down GP income downturns and what smart dentists are doing to try to fix the issue. Plus Much, Much More…

Saving this Profession – Season 1 Episode 23

Listen to Saving this Profession – Season 1 Episode 23It is true that we are members of one of the greatest professions on the planet right now.  It is also true that anxiety is growing about our future.  Today, I address a question that has become all too frequent at my seminars, “What is the Biggest Problem Facing Dentistry Today and How Can We Solve It?” After putting a lot of thought into that question, I have come up with 7 Big Problems and 3 Rules that Can Fix All of Them if we have the will to impose them. In this Episode You Will Learn: How Dentistry is Slowly Losing it’s Heart and Soul Due to Outside Forces and How You Can Build a Wall Around the Heart of Your Practice that Will Make You the Strongest Practice in Your Area How Inaction and Shortsightedness Have Plagued Our Profession as of Late and How You Can Use Farsightedness to Innovate While Others are Fearful to the Point that They Will Become Pawns of the Next Phase of the Takeover How we Should Be Using the Ronald Reagan Rule to Keep Us Alive in the Evolutionary Fight that is Going on in Washington, Plus How to Become a “Warrior” Leader Who Has Complete Control and Respect at the Office. And Much, Much More…  

Stop the Overhead Surge – Season 1 Episode 22

Listen to Stop the Overhead Surge – Season 1 Episode 22One of the first line items to get blamed when things aren’t going all that well in your practice is your office overhead.  While there are many instances where Overhead is the culprit, the way that dentists look at overhead and how to attack it, often overlooks the most effective ways to cure the disease. Today we dive into some of the less obvious and most powerful ways you can whip your overhead numbers into shape so that they work for you instead of dragging your practice down like a bag of bricks over your shoulder. In this episode you will learn: The magic of Identical Room Setups in Same Day Capabilities to Boost Daily Numbers up to Your Next Plateau for Good. The Ordering System to Almost Guarantee 5% Clinical Supply Costs so You Can Quit Worrying Over Which of You Favorite Supplies You Have to Do Without Each Month to Avoid Going Over Budget and Catching “Over-Ordering Syndrome” How a Simple Check Can Transform a Dull, Uninspired Team into a Team of Superstars Who Will Pull You Along to Meet Your Most Amazing Goals 12 Steps to Lock Down Your Non-Insured Patients so That Poachers from Down the Street Can’t Even Begin to Entice Them Away from You with Cheesy New Patient Offers. And Much, Much More…