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The Savvy Dentist

Create a dental practice and a business life you love with Dr. Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Listen in as guests share their stories, ideas and business techniques that you can take back to your practice to have more patients, more profit, and less stress. This is the podcast where great dentistry meets great business.

191: How Can You Help New Patients Find Your Practice

Listen to 191: How Can You Help New Patients Find Your PracticeIn this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Taylor Cutler, Director of Marketing in Australia and New Zealand for Podium. Podium is a multi-product platform that gives businesses and their customers the most convenient experience possible - from reviews to messaging and insights. In this conversation we talk about online marketing trends, general versus local google searches, getting online reviews from clients and practical tips on marketing and reviews that you can apply in your practice today. In this episode we discuss:    [00:40] The story of how he found his way into the space of online marketing and marketing in general. [01:54] Latest trends on searches in Google particularly in local search. [03:16] Difference between general search versus local search. [05:30] Specific searches versus broad searches by location. [08:29] The trend of getting online reviews for businesses. [10:02] Problems on getting reviews from clients. [11:58] Tips on how to ask for reviews from clients. [17:32] Views on asking for 5 star reviews or feedback. [18:49] Number of reviews a practice needs before they become a referral source in their own right [19:30] Four things google looks at when determining local search rankings. [22:23] How reviews affect team recruitment or employee applications. [24:08] The things that are making a difference, adding value, and creating loyalty to customer experience. [28:27] The future of marketing trends.

190: REBROADCAST: How To Scale Up Successfully with Verne Harnish

Listen to 190: REBROADCAST: How To Scale Up Successfully with Verne HarnishIn this episode, I chat with Verne Harnish. Verne is the founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), with over 11,000 members worldwide. He is also founder and CEO of Gazelles, a global executive education and coaching company with over 180 partners on six continents. Verne has spent the past three decades helping companies scale-up. In today’s episode, we chat about: The 4 key elements that determine why some businesses make it and others fail Why you should never make a decision alone Ways dentists can compete and scale in a competitive market Expert customer service tips Finding ways to scale when you love your own craft Why you need a daily huddle and more

189: Understanding Competitive Intelligence

Listen to 189: Understanding Competitive IntelligenceIn this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Babette Bensoussan, founder of MindShifts, joins me as we talk about competitive intelligence. Babette is internationally acclaimed in this space being a Competitive Intelligence (CI) Expert and Strategist. She is both an academic and an entrepreneur and has written numerous books around this topic. Our conversation also touched on industry trends, relevant data that businesses need, making decisions in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, and positioning your practice for growth. Join us in this interesting and fascinating episode today. n this episode we discuss:    [02:17] Babette’s background and how she works as both an academic and an entrepreneur. [09:59] The books that Babette has written. [11:09] An overview on competitive intelligence. [14:22] Typical data used by businesses for analysis. [17:22] Social trends or changes as consumers. [23:24] Babette’s view on a collegiate environment and a competitive marketplace and how they do or do not co-exist. [25:12] Self-interest and emotional intelligence in people. [28:59] The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) model. [32:53] Advice for small businesses on being able to respond in an agile manner. [35:24] Decision making in a VUCA world and how you can minimize risk in those environments. [40:15] Common traits that good leaders have.

188: How to Introduce a New Clinical Procedure

Listen to 188: How to Introduce a New Clinical ProcedureIntroducing a new clinical procedure is not as easy as it sounds. On this episode, I shared a lot of tips and tricks on how you can go about the process in an efficient and open way. If you are clueless on where to start introducing a new treatment to your patients, this episode is for you. Dr. Jesse Green also touched on the  things you need to master, the marketing tactics you need, and the benefits of giving them a chance to enjoy the simple things we love too. In this episode we discuss:    [02:18] Bringing back the skill set into your practice. [03:26] The three skill sets you need to master. [04:08] Marketing tactics to attract patients. [13:45] Introducing and presenting the service. [15:22] Biggest mistake in case presentation. [16:13] The things clients research on the process. [17:48] What kills efficiency and how you can be more efficient in the practice. [19:57] Training your people. [20:31] Benefits of introducing a new service in the practice.

187: Integrating Paediatrics Into Your Practice

Listen to 187: Integrating Paediatrics Into Your PracticeKids may be quite a challenge as patients, but can be the most rewarding as well. Dr. Tim Keys, a Specialist Pediatric Dentist - my guest on today’s episode is going to generously share his knowledge with us on handling kids under your practice in the best possible way. This is a wide ranging interview with so much topics to be covered from behavioural issues, parental management, and of course, tips, tricks and techniques to operate efficiently. If you are a dentist seeing kids or planning to take in kids in your practice, this episode is for you. In this episode we discuss:    [02:28] Tim’s journey and how he started in Pediatric Dentistry. [04:58] The struggles general dentists have in providing the best possible care for kids and how they can improve their ability to look after the kids. [08:34] Tips on managing parents and creating a relaxed environment for them. [12:34] Guidance on having parents in or out of the room. [13:44] Best advice Tim has received on dentistry in his journey. [15:35] Things he wished he’d known earlier about pediatric dentistry. [18:58] Techniques on efficient practice and longevity of treatments. [24:00] Tim’s advice for dentists on treating kids.

186: How to Build Wealth Outside Your Practice

Listen to 186: How to Build Wealth Outside Your PracticeHaving an income stream outside your practice can change your life and mindset, just like how it changed Salena Kulkarni. Salena is a wealth advisor at Phoenix  Wealth Group and is the author of an Amazon bestseller book called The Freedom Warrior: How to Build A Bigger Life Through Alternative Property Investment Strategies. Salena is our guest on Episode 186 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, where she’ll be sharing the most important things we need to know and understand about investments. In this episode we discuss:    [02:48] Salena’s journey and what led her to property investment. [05:46] The highs and pitfalls she experienced in her journey in property investment. [09:25] How Salena bounced back from her loss. [12:22] Process for developing your own rules, boundaries and parameters for investing. [16:28] What is a Risk fingerprint. [18:59] Where Salena sees opportunities these days. [21:50] Increasing the familiarity and understanding to decrease your risk with investing. [23:43] Diversification in investing. [26:48] Salena talks about network and net worth. [29:33] People Selena wants to have dinner with.

185: Scaling Series: How to Create a Winning Team

Listen to 185: Scaling Series: How to Create a Winning TeamAll of us understand the importance of having a great team to achieve our practice goals and set our practice up to go from profitable to scalable. But, many practice owners often encounter the problem of not being able to make their team operate at the highest possible level. In episode 185 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I’ll be sharing a practical step-by-step guide to create a great team that will take your business from profitable to scalable. In this episode we discuss:    [02:06] The types of team members in the 4 quadrants of the Performance Culture Matrix [04:22] Creating a great team by having an organizational structure. [07:32] One mistake businesses encounter when using organizational charts. [08:34] Approaching recruitment in a systematic and methodical way. [11:42] The process of the Magnetic Job Offer. [15:00] Creating a robust onboarding and training process. [17:18] Shifting the business owner’s role from being the primary dentist to building and leading the team. [18:01] Building a personal improvement plan for each of your team members. [19:45] Using the GROW Model in coaching your team and communicating with your patients. [21:19] Providing the team a great place for work help them earn a living.

184: What Farmers Can Teach Dentists About Wealth Creation

Listen to 184: What Farmers Can Teach Dentists About Wealth CreationEpisode 184 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast is a very interesting chat with Terry Tran who runs the Freedom Trader. The Freedom Trader is “ a community for normal, everyday investors who want something more out of their lives.” The company teaches based on his Philosophy of Financial Risk Management. Terry teaches financial freedom to people outside their current job without taking unnecessary risks because we know that creating wealth outside the business can really give you total freedom. In this episode we discuss:    [02:32] Terry tells us about his business and how he found his way into it. [04:00] How his experience shaped and affected him and his family. [06:52] Terry’s emotional response to losing $100,000. [08:48] The things that made Terry a really good student. [10:20] Differences between good and mediocre investors. [13:10] The financial weeds we need to be mindful of. [16:24] Steps to mastering fear and greed.  [18:11] Common challenges for business owners creating wealth outside their business. [20:02] Mistakes that people make when creating a 2nd stream of income.  [22:08] Interesting things that have surprised Terry in his own journey. [23:51] How the market changes.  [26:28] Topics to be covered by Terry in the Practice Max event. [27:41] Terry’s tip on creating wealth outside the business. [28:55] The power of compounding.

183: Creating a Practice with Profits and Purpose

Listen to 183: Creating a Practice with Profits and PurposeEpisode 183 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast is a very insightful and interesting conversation with Scott Andersen, Co-Founder and Director of Stakeholder Stewardship at Aritsan Dental. Scott generously shares their experience of being a Certified B Corporation practice and the practical and tangible steps they took to make sure they are operating in a commercially successful way while being economically and environmentally sustainable. I personally think that Conscious Capitalism is going to be a future trend. There is now a growing movement around it. And in this episode we are going to learn more about how it can improve your business, team fulfillment and retention, productivity and give you personal and professional satisfaction like how Scott and his wife experienced with Artisan Dental. In this episode we discuss:    03:10: Scott defines his role in their practice as the Director of Stakeholder Stewardship and lists down the 5 stakeholder groups in their business. 04:20: Scott shares an example of what his role involves on a day-to-day basis. 05:13: The backstory of how Scott arrived at this point in his career. 06:30: Understanding what a B Corporation is and where it falls under the umbrella of conscious capitalism. 08:31: Trends that will likely evolve in the movement of conscious capitalism. 10:52: Their experience in becoming a Certified B Corporation. 11:55: 4 tenets of conscious capitalism. 13:30: Scott explains conscious culture and how they apply it to their practice. 15:33: Commercial benefits of conscious capitalism for the business and its stakeholders. 21:07: Our practice’s water program with B1G1 as an example of conscious capitalism.  24:51: The first steps to take to start and implement conscious capitalism in your business. 27:44: Their practice’s success that they attribute to being a B Corporation. 28:28: The most interesting experience they’ve had since embarking on this journey.

182: What Makes a Valuable Practice

Listen to 182: What Makes a Valuable PracticeIn Episode 182 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we are going to have a valuable conversation with Lisa Singh, and we are going to talk about how to create a valuable business, a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. We’ll be discussing the drivers of value, how to maximize it, how to position your practice for sale, and ultimately creating the most valuable business that you can. Lisa has a degree and background in business and dentistry. She is uniquely positioned to understand what corporates are looking for as they buy practices, the key ingredients that must be in place, negotiating deals and terms. She is working as a practice broker which enables her to see both sides of the situation. In this episode we discuss:    03:24: The story of how Lisa found her way into this kind of work. 06:23: Trends that have shaken the way dentistry is done in Australia and overseas and where is it going? 07:55: Lisa’s career at Dental Partners now Maven Dental Group. 09:55: Things that corporates look for when acquiring a practice. 12:02: Risks that need to be addressed from the perspective of the practice purchaser. 13:57: The importance of a business plan in assisting the acquisition of a business. 15:40: Other factors in getting your business multiple. 17:56: Ranges of multiples that are accepted in the marketplace. 19:04: Integrating your practice smoothly with the corporate purchaser and making the transition easier. 22:19: Emotionally preparing for the sale of your practice. 23:03: The differences and similarities of selling privately and selling to a corporate. 24:44: How preferred providerships influence value. 25:32: Preparing for selling your practice. 28:28: Being flexible in your thinking.

181: Scaling Series - Go Slow to Grow Fast

Listen to 181: Scaling Series - Go Slow to Grow FastIn Episode 181 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I am thrilled to bring to you Brent Tilson, author, entrepreneur, industry leader and civic advocate to talk more about his interesting and note-worthy book called Go Slow to Grow Fast, which has won book of the year. I highly recommend that you get a copy of this because it is an absolutely fantastic read. In his book, he brings to life the classic challenge that all business leaders face - the conflict of growth and business capability. To Go Slow is the ultimate goal in order to understand the current capability of the business. Following this, the business needs to prepare for the future by undergoing changes, adjustments and improvements to Grow Fast. In this episode we discuss:    01:55: Problems Brent has observed in the marketplace that prompted him to write his book. 05:10: Identifying if you are in the Driving Zone or Drama Zone through the things you are experiencing. 07:27: Common things that go wrong when you are in the Drama Zone. 11:03: Steps to moving into the Driving Zone from the Drama Zone. 14:06: The difference between growth and scale. 16:22: The problem with growing so fast. 18:47: How to go slow with your business. 25:45: The impact of employee turnover in the organization and how it can be eliminated. 29:33: Dentist’s issues around accounting in business. 32:32: Thoughts and advice on how to Go Slow to Grow Fast.

180: Digital Marketing for Dentists

Listen to 180: Digital Marketing for DentistsIn Episode 180 of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Nicholas Dogulin of Dental Rank joins us as we cover the ins and outs of digital marketing. Dental Rank is an agency that has expert understanding on the dental profession and is focused solely on serving only dentists. In this conversation we will cover the basics of internet marketing which is traffic and conversions, as well as email marketing, tracking, good copy and so much more. In this episode we discuss:    02:47: The story of how Nicholas found his way into the world of digital marketing. 05:08: Going from web development to marketing - what Nicholas had to learn around the marketing to complement the technical piece. 10:43: Things to consider when formulating tactics and plans to develop the dental practice website and have it convert. 19:30: Developing and implementing digital marketing for your business. 23:13: Importance of good copy that converts on the website. 28:48: 2 key things for exit pops. 30:52: Implementing tracking tactics for clients. 34:12: Service benefits of Dental Rank. 36:00: Expectations you need to have for digital marketing. 45:04: The role of email marketing in the marketing realm. 50:11: Pearls of wisdom from Nicholas.

179: Build a Practice You Love

Listen to 179: Build a Practice You Loven Episode 179 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Jason Cunningham the founding partner of The Practice, is also an author, a well-sought keynote speaker and media commentator. He helps business owners articulate and achieve their business goals. Jason is going to share with us a wealth of knowledge on being a good leader, preparing your business for selling success and the importance of creating space for yourself. He gives us real-life examples and manageable tips that we can surely apply to our practice or business today. In this episode we discuss:    01:03: Updates on Jason's business 03:42: Attracting and retaining key talent in the business 05:27: The impact of things that may come up when preparing to sell your business. 14:31: First step into transitioning from working for to working on your business: Plan. 24:45: Instances where people come unstuck in the transition. 26:58: The notions of being an absentee owner when transitioning to becoming a business leader. 30:00: 4 roles of a good leader. 33:21: The importance of creating space for yourself. 35:06: Observations and realizations on life changes and transitions. 40:19 Pearls of wisdom from Jason 

178: How to Be A Better Leader

Listen to 178: How to Be A Better LeaderIn Episode 178 of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Rohan Dredge, a speaker, mentor, author and coach, shares his expertise on understanding and unpacking leadership. Rohan helps technical experts become people leaders.™   Rohan has over two decades of teaching leaders the essential skills to help them make the leap and become outstanding at leading people. Rohan will share approaches to leadership and teams, the power of your own potential and intention and the expectations we need to set both for and from our team members.   In this episode we discuss:      01:12: The story of how Rohan found himself in this line of work and the reason why he feels technical experts to hone their leadership skills. 02:50: What good leadership looks like. 05:44: Approaching thoughts of team leaders who are worried about team members leaving the practice. 07:51: Steps for having clarity and conviction. 11:06: Realizing and fulfilling your potential. 17:14: Rohan’s view around the power of intention. 22:14: Number 1 reason where people go wrong with their expectations from their team and how to make it better. 28:00: Knowing what we want from and for our team members. 33:43: The 5 types of voices.  

177: How to Have a Successful Dental Career

Listen to 177: How to Have a Successful Dental CareerI am very excited to share Episode 177 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast with you because our guest today has an incredible pedigree when it comes to dentistry. Dr. Tony Hobby, Founder and Principal Dentist of Island Dental and I talk about what it takes to create, own, maintain and grow a dental practice. From a very early age, Tony has been known as someone who sees things differently and challenges the status quo and he has applied this in running his dental practice as well. With 38 years of experience, you’ll get an immense amount of wisdom from Tony as he shares with us the lessons he has learned, the things he has observed, the secrets he has accumulated and the pearls of wisdom he’s picked up along the way. We will also learn about how his background in AFL Football and the culture they had in the team guided him in building his dental practice. In this episode we discuss:    02:48: Tony shares the things he most enjoys about football. 04:17: How football has helped shaped his values and life. 05:46: Lessons from his football career that he brought into his dental career and Island Dental. 08:21: His transition from playing football to starting his career in dentistry. 10:02: Analyzing the moves of the opposition in their games and how he relates it to his dental practice team. 11:40: Specific things Tony did, as the founder, to create, maintain and protect the culture in his practice. 14:07: Trends in the last 20 or 30 years that have shaped the profession.  17:54: How Tony stayed ahead in the industry. 19:33: Observing other industries and incorporating their practices in your dental practice. 20:43: The skill of communication and putting intent behind words. 23:38: The difference between selling something and helping people buy. 24:36: Tony shares his greatest learnings on being a dentist and staying in the game. 29:03: Importance of offering outstanding service to your patients. 32:39: The future of the life and times of Tony Hobby and the dental profession. 

176: Get More Time

Listen to 176: Get More TimeYou will definitely find Episode 176 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast very interesting if you are someone who has a to-do list longer than the time you have to complete it. Les Watson, also known as “The Time Lord”, is a time management and productivity expert who will share his knowledge with us to help us finally get stuff done. Our conversation includes tips on how to get the most of your day and focus on the things that really matter to take your practice to the next level. Les is the author of the book “Get Back An Hour In Every Day - The A to Z of Being More Productive”. The book features an A to Z format that you can use as a quick resource when you are faced with a specific time–related problem. He has over 30 years of training, speaking and facilitating experience in self-management, motivation and communication techniques. He has worked with numerous corporations, small businesses and individuals all over Australia and South East Asia. In this episode we discuss:    01:40: The story of how Les found this niche and line of work. 02:55: The biggest roadblock to getting things done. 04:35: Learning more about setting and implementing boundaries in your business. 05:57: Evaluating the workload that you need to prioritize and how to get it done. 09:25: Underlying reasons behind procrastination. 12:11: The role of decision fatigue in procrastination. 13:30: Importance of delegation and how to do it correctly. 15:36: Things that have surprised Les in his journey to managing to focus on the right things and getting time and productivity under control. 17:29: Knowing how much time to spend on planning and execution. 21:07: Common challenges, tips and tricks that the audience can benefit from. 26:08: The positive changes that can happen in your life from implementing things the right way. 27:38: The good results you can expect to see in your team and business. 31:12: Free 15-minute consultation. 32:27: A peek on the structure of Les’ day and some tips on how to apply a system in your own life.

175: How to Create a Winning Culture

Listen to 175: How to Create a Winning CultureIn this action-packed Episode 175 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Collin Ellis, an award-winning keynote speaker, culture change specialist and author, joins us as we talk about his expertise - creating a winning culture in your practice. He gives us practical tips that you can implement in your practice today. Colin’s work is centred around helping organisations and individuals change the way they get things done. He is a catalyst for creating cultures where great work thrives. If you are a practice owner wanting to create a good culture with intent in your business, this episode is for you. In this episode we discuss:    02:40: What is culture? 03:55: How culture is created with specific intent. 05:53: Benefits of culture with a specific intent in business. 07:47: Owners getting fulfilment from their business. 10:11: Steps to create a culture. 12:41: Examples of companies with compelling visions. 14:26: Why people buy into compelling visions. 17:07: Colin explains the disconnect between behaviour and visions. 18:48: The reason culture needs to be updated regularly. 20:10: Getting people to buy into recreated or reshaped culture. 21:50: Dealing with people who don’t want to buy into the culture. 24:12: Markers to know if you have a good culture. 25:45: Why processes and procedures are not followed by people. 28:21: The importance of the implementation of metrics, accountability and frequency of performance measurement. 30:02: Briefing your team about collective goals for the business. 31:25: Dealing with the challenges of hiring people. 33:36: Questions to ask in interviews to determine culture fit. 36:07: Words of wisdom from Colin on success.

174: Things I Wish I Had Known as a Recent Graduate

Listen to 174: Things I Wish I Had Known as a Recent GraduateIn Episode 174 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we are joined by fellow dentist, Dr. Omid Azami who runs the Noobie Dentist Podcast and Noobie Dentist Study Club. The Noobie Dentist Podcast and Study Club was created to give noobie dentists a safe place to connect, collaborate, learn and grow. If you are a new dentist, associate or practice owner, you wouldn’t want to miss this interview as we talk about experiences, challenges of and advice for new dentists. For practice owners, we also touch on how to better understand your associate dentists to have harmonious relationships with them. In this episode we discuss:    02:12: Dr. Omid’s backstory and how he ended up in Australia from Canada. 04:38: His personal experience which prompted him to start a dentist study club. 06:00: Next steps after putting up together the study club. 07:48: Challenges young dentists face today. 10:36: Dr. Jesse shares his experience on his first job. 12:12: The things that Dr. Omid thinks would have been great to have been included in their uni curriculum. 14:23: Dr. Omid’s advice for new graduates to excel in the field. 18:19: Understanding your associate dentists better. 21:01: Dr. Jesse’s experience and his advice to associates on the topic of interacting with staff. 23:24: Future plans for the Noobie Dentist.

173: A Business Owners Guide to Dealing with Change, Making Transitions and Self Mastery with JoAnna Ferrari

Listen to 173: A Business Owners Guide to Dealing with Change, Making Transitions and Self Mastery with JoAnna FerrariIn Episode 173 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, JoAnna Ferrari joins us as we talk about change in all its flavors - life change, business change, you name it - we’ll be discussing it. JoAnna is an expert in guiding individuals through change and help navigate their paths. JoAnna is currently writing a book called “Start Up and Stay Up” which covers a multitude of very interesting topics on mastery of self, business, relationship and persuasion. These are the engaging topics we’ll be discussing and how it relates to change and business. JoAnna is a Transition Specialist who teaches audience to “Harness the Power of Transitions” and ReThinking Life’s Rules, where she shares strategies, models and formulas she developed over the years through her own personal and professional experiences. In this episode we discuss:    01:18: The ability to deal with change and why it’s so important. 04:36: Trying to stop the feelings of overwhelm. 05:47: The reason why we create mischief in our own minds. 07:11: Problems with comparison, competition and consumerism. 08:18: Self-mastery and growing your business JoAnn’s perspective. 12:17: Creating a lifestyle that includes your business. 15:11: The meaning of “failure is below survive.” 17:01: Thriving to success. 18:14: Defining your personal level of success. 20:27: Filters you can use to identify what works and what doesn’t. 26:10: JoAnna’s website and the story of the red shoes. 27:42: Transitions in JoAnna’s Life and how she coped through the changes. 35:08: Knowing if your process of transition is completed. 41:36: Finding the courage to run through transitions to where you want to get to. 47:15: JoAnna asks Dr. Jesse Green the number one thing he thinks someone should look at to get them started.

172: Leadership Hacks for Dental Practice Owners

Listen to 172: Leadership Hacks for Dental Practice OwnersIn Episode 172 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast we are joined by Scott Stein to talk about his expertise on leadership. He has helped thousands of leaders around the world and focuses on helping them implement and fastrack strategies that will improve results. He shares a wealth of knowledge with us on how to improve leadership skills, overcome common frustrations experienced by business owners, effectively handle meetings and address the problem on the addiction to technology and social media. Scott works in the thought leadership space. He’s a sought-after international speaker and a best-selling author, with 4 books under his sleeve. His most recent publication, Leadership Hacks, is what we discuss in today’s conversation. In this episode we discuss:    02:30: The reason for the lack of leadership in some organizations. 03:22: Three essential elements of good leadership. 04:35: Recommendations for developing a growth mindset for leaders. 06:54: Steps for enhancing skills that a leader needs. 09:11: Delegation as a common frustration for business owners. 12:50: The possibility of technical people to get off the tools and the key steps they need to take to step up. 17:55: Characteristics that leaders need to consider to become the best for their team. 20:50: The challenge of information overload and technology. 22:32: The issue on the overuse of and the addiction to social media. 24:39: Better ways that leaders can practice in their business. 26:22: The scale of the e-mail and social media checking problem today. 30:08: Email hacks you can do to manage your emails. 32:18: How to run effective and efficient meetings. 34:26: Frequency of meetings needed for teams. 35:49: Pearls of wisdom from Scott on leadership.