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May 4, 2018 | 0

The Savvy Dentist

Create a dental practice and a business life you love with Dr. Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Listen in as guests share their stories, ideas and business techniques that you can take back to your practice to have more patients, more profit, and less stress. This is the podcast where great dentistry meets great business.

254: Positioning and Differentiating Your Practice through Marketing

Listen to 254: Positioning and Differentiating Your Practice through MarketingMarketing, branding, and positioning is of the utmost importance for any dental practice owner who wants maximum ROI for their marketing efforts. In the spirit of working smarter not harder, we'll be discussing how to position your practice to attract more of your ideal patients.

253: A Case Study: How to do Multi Practice Ownership Successfully with Dr Paul Hwin

Listen to 253: A Case Study: How to do Multi Practice Ownership Successfully with Dr Paul HwinIn this episode of the Savvy Dentist podcast, I have a conversation with someone I admire and respect greatly, Paul Hwin. Paul is the founder and Lead Dentist of Sapphire Dentistry and owner of multiple practices. He is a smart businessman with a great mind and a great philosopher when it comes to thinking about life and business. We have an interesting chat about his journey to multi-practice ownership, the lessons he has learned along the way, and some things to consider when you are looking at taking this journey yourself. There’s so much pearls of wisdom to be taken and applied in your practice from this episode as Paul is super generous with his knowledge and insight.   In this episode we discuss:   [02:09] Paul’s journey on how he arrived at this point in his career owning multiple practices. [03:58] How his interest in commerce has lead to his interest in business. [05:03] Managing clinical development along with business ownership 2 years out of university. [06:55] 2 things that set him up for success in practice ownership. [09:44] The mindset lessons that he received from his parents. [11:33] His learnings from their family businesses. [12:47] Paul’s transition from working in the business to on the business. [15:15] The best investments for his time. [17:09] His setup, systems and frameworks for managing his business remotely. [19:24] Things that he scaled but wished he didn’t. [22:30] The difference that a key team member made in his business. [25:18] Learnings that his key team member has had in working with him. [26:25] Future plans for Paul. [29:35] How things in his life led from one thing to another. [30:51] His innate ability to spot an opportunity and take a leap. [31:39] Dinnertime conversations in their home. [33:15] Paul shares words of wisdom from his mum, Mrs. Hwin.

252: What you need to know about navigating business partnerships

Listen to 252: What you need to know about navigating business partnershipsThis week's Bite-Size episode is the practice owners' guide to courting, securing, and working with business partner's to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. From how to choose a compatible partner, offering mutual value, and getting the outcome you desire, this is what you need to know.

251: What Digital Platforms Can Teach Dentists About Scaling

Listen to 251: What Digital Platforms Can Teach Dentists About ScalingIn this episode of the Savvy Dentist podcast, I have an interesting and incredibly stimulating conversation with Fred Schebesta of Fred started coding and building websites at a young age and managed to build a digital marketing agency that he sold to a publicly listed company. His skills has led him to build a new website called Our conversation revolves around where he started and how he succeeded in growing his million dollar business. He’s been featured in the AFR Young Rich List. Now he’s involved in the world of open banking democratising banking, changing the way we do things. A true disruptor and true innovator he is. In this episode we discuss:   [02:27] What sparked his entrepreneurial journey. [04:30] Scaling before selling his business. [06:08] Are agencies or personal services businesses really scalable? [09:03] The reason behind starting his business, [11:30] Their experience in going to Google “jail.” [12:58] Future of the application of data. [16:44] Customising the use of data for better user and customer experience. [20:50] Exploring and taking his skillset into open banking. [21:45] Fred shares his decision making matrix around opportunity identification. [23:53] Dealing and managing with fear. [24:29] The pressure that comes with receiving the AFR Young Rich List. [27:21] Artistry and science in business. [29:21] Fred talks about the relationship of scarcity and abundance in business and how to remain abundant.

250: The Art of Marketing

Listen to 250: The Art of MarketingHow do you attract more patients? Increase retention and referral? Boost your reputation in the community? Ultimately, it all comes down to your ability to market your practice effectively. This week's bite-sized episode is every dentists' guide to effective marketing to increase patient flow so you can do more of the work you enjoy.

249: How a Virtual Assistant Can Accelerate Your Success

Listen to 249: How a Virtual Assistant Can Accelerate Your SuccessThere’s a growing need for outsourced solutions. The benefits may not be visible for some business owners yet. We’ll discuss that today with Rosie Shilo, an expert in virtual assistance business and the owner of Virtually Yours, that provides the pairing of business owners and virtual assistants. Join us this episode to better understand how you can leverage on getting a number of your day-to-day tasks to a virtual assistant and focus on other things that you’ve been putting off. In this episode we discuss: [4:59] Overview of what it looks like having a VA. [9:20] The advantages and disadvantages of hiring locally or offshore virtual assistants. [13:05] Tasks that virtual assistants can cover under dental practice businesses. [16:20] Rosie’s favourite virtual assistance services. [17:03] Other possible hurdles that business owners may have for outsourcing tasks. [19:40] How to harness the team culture of a virtual team. [23:35] The process of finding, recruiting, and onboarding a virtual team member. [26:39] Potential traps and hurdles a business owner may come across. [28:55] What does a business look like when working with a virtual assistant runs well. [29:50] The process of starting with outsourcing work. [30:25] Investing in your virtual assistant. [32:23] Virtual assistants vs. freelancers? [32:58] Rosie’s advice for business owners on trying on virtual assistance.

248: How to Sell to People Who Hate Being Sold to

Listen to 248: How to Sell to People Who Hate Being Sold toThis week's bite-size explores the unique situation we dentists find ourselves in - having to navigate case acceptance with patients sceptical of spending large sums. Rather than trying to persuade with facts and figures, here is how to speak to a patient’s pain points and achieve the outcome they want.

247: Disruption: A Case Study on How to Embrace it and Build a World Class Business

Listen to 247: Disruption: A Case Study on How to Embrace it and Build a World Class BusinessIn this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we talk to one of the brothers who leads the team at Race Dental Laboratories, Matt Race. Race Dental Laboratories is a 3rd generation Australian business that has survived numerous disruptions.    In this interesting conversation, we talk about how their family business survived and thrived throughout the years despite different disruptions. Matt shares how he sees the future of dentistry and dental technology; as well as how their business is serving and supporting the dental profession today, which is what I really appreciate about them.    In this episode we discuss: [03:51] The interesting story of how Race Dental Laboratories started. [07:17] The degree of responsibility and pride they have in running the laboratory. [08:43] Surviving and coming out strong through disruptions. [11:47] Their experience on heavily investing in technology. [12:52] Managing to overcome a disruption while working alongside a new in-house technology. [14:15] Things dental owners should be thinking about. [16:08] Embracing technology instead of fighting it. [17:36] Their process of working with family. [20:35] His drive in becoming involved in education. [22:31] The future of dentistry and dental technology in 3 years and beyond. [25:45] Upcoming launches for their business. [28:15] The future of AI and human input in the dental industry. [30:08] Matt’s message to clinicians on the business of dentistry.

246: Know The Patient

Listen to 246: Know The PatientDr Jesse Green unveils the secrets to knowing your patient. Learn how to skillfully invest in the patient relationship. Understand the motivations, hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations and desires of your patients and speak to it.  

245: Creating Success through Clever Positive Innovation

Listen to 245: Creating Success through Clever Positive InnovationIn this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we have an interesting conversation with one of the influential thought leaders in the dental profession, Dr. Safa Souzani. Safa is the entrepreneur behind many brands including Dental Members Australia.  He has helped shape the profession in Australia massively.   There are heaps of wisdom to be picked up from this conversation with him. From learning about business models to creating recurring revenue and expanding your practice, Safa shares his thoughts and practical tips. This innovative thinking and business smarts will definitely inspire you to think more, do more and be more. Listen in on our conversation today.   In this episode we discuss: [05:33] Dr. Safa’s driving force in doing and starting different things. [06:51] Challenges that come with working.  [08:10] Finding ideas and inspiration in his creative process. [11:33] The impetus behind creating Dental Members. [14:04] Great advantages of the membership concept for practice owners. [17:43] The process of filtering ideas and what he has learned from unsuccessful ideas. [20:37] How one business idea leads to other ideas. [21:54] Practicing Clear Align in your business. [24:13] Traps for young players in business. [26:26] The advantage of case selection for expansion. [28:08] The importance of focusing on things. [31:18] People who have helped shape Safa’s thinking growing up. [33:19] What fascinates Safa and gets his brain working. [35:37] Future plans for Safa.

244: Unpacking the Psychology of Influence and Persuasion

Listen to 244: Unpacking the Psychology of Influence and PersuasionDr Jesse Green unpacks the gift that helps you get the results you want from your interactions with people in your professional and personal life. He talks about the power of comparison and how to make sure you understand it and know how to use it. 

243: 100 Lunches with Strangers

Listen to 243: 100 Lunches with StrangersI really believe that one connection can change your life. In this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I’ve invited Kaley Chu, the woman who set a hundred lunches with a hundred strangers. Kaley found it hard to interact with people who did not have the same background as her. To overcome this challenge, she set lunches with strangers. Her 200th lunch was even with comedian-actor Shane Jacobson.   In this very interesting and fun conversation, we talked about so many things including her background, her experience, the learnings and wisdom she has acquired. She shares what pushed her to put herself out there and the confidence she’s developed as a consequence of this exercise. So many things to pick up from Kaley and I can’t wait to share it with you today.   In this episode we discuss: [03:15] Kaley’s background and upbringing in Hong Kong. [05:50] The impact of communicating with people outside her network. [06:49] Her turning point for starting 100 lunches with strangers. [08:16] Where the idea of the 100 lunches came from. [09:07] Her thoughts on people’s loneliness and craving for connection. [10:39] Easing into the comfort of having lunches with strangers. [12:10] How her lunch guests found the experience. [13:12] The things she learned about herself during this process. [14:45] What she learned about other people at the lunches. [16:44] The changes that her family has noticed about her and the impact it has had in her family life. [19:33] Her feelings about asking people out to lunch. [20:10] The number of people she asked to get the first 3 lunches. [20:26] The effect of getting declines and what made her keep stepping forward. [21:31] The idea of having world leaders do a hundred lunches. [23:27] Her thoughts about the changes within her from when she moved from Hong Kong to now. [27:26] Wisdom she has acquired from her experience. [28:39] Lunches that had profound impacts on her. [29:26] Agenda for her lunches. [30:17] Things that fascinate Kaley.

242: The First Element of Scaling Success: Know Your Outcome

Listen to 242: The First Element of Scaling Success: Know Your OutcomeDr Jesse Green talks about the very first element of scaling success. That is to know your outcome before you set out on your scaling journey. You need a roadmap and when you know your outcome, you can create one. He shows how a plan can support your decision making with clarity, focus and action, keeping you on your scaling path.

241: Innovating Your Way to Success

Listen to 241: Innovating Your Way to SuccessOur guest on the Savvy Dentist Podcast today is Dr. John Hagiliassis, founder of the Aesthetic Orthodontic and Restorative Training Academy (AORTA). He is also a dental practice owner who has sold and bought businesses, entrepreneur, and has been listed in the BIW Fast 100 magazine.  John joins us today to talk about fast growth, key lessons from growth, creating great brands, providing patient experience that rocks, creating and scaling a business, and maintaining great relationships in and outside the practice. Our conversation is filled with heaps of gold nuggets that you’ll definitely learn from.  In this episode we discuss:   [02:20] John shares his background and journey to becoming a dentist. [06:08] The most influential person that created the drive in him. [08:00] The definition of fast business growth. [09:15] The similarities and differences of the Global Financial Crisis and the Coronavirus pandemic. [14:18] Role of technology in dentistry moving forward. [16:35] Learnings from the growth his business achieved. [18:09] Evolution of his leadership in the process of growth. [19:57] Going through mistakes along the way. [21:00] Process of making decisions. [22:00] His rationale for pivoting into AORTA. [24:00] The sale of his practice. [25:57] Learnings from running AORTA. [27:35] New and transferable skill sets they needed and the challenges they went through as they made the transition from running a practice to running AORTA. [31:44] Future plans for John.

240: How to Create Partnerships that will Accelerate Your Practice Growth

Listen to 240: How to Create Partnerships that will Accelerate Your Practice GrowthDr Jesse Green explains how to set up and maintain great business to business partnerships to accelerate your practice growth. Learn how to avoid the 3 big mistakes and understand how to implement the 5 key must-do action tasks that make partnerships with like-minded businesses a winner for your practice. 

239: REPUBULISH: Marketing Your Practice Using Social Media - with Adam Houlahan

Listen to 239: REPUBULISH: Marketing Your Practice Using Social Media - with Adam HoulahanAdam Houlahan ( is a social media expert for business. He is also the CEO of the highly successful boutique agency, Web Traffic That Works. He has written two books: Social Media Secret Sauce ( and The LinkedIn Playbook ( . Adam lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland. On the podcast Adam shares his wisdom on using social media effectively in service based businesses like dental practices to gain and retain clients. Adam has hands on experience as the CEO of six successful companies. He is also a columnist for MOB Magazine and consults on social media to clients around the world. In this episode we talk about: Why dentists should care about social media Common pitfalls and how to avoid them The importance of having a strategy with measurable results What social media can do for you when it’s done well Using it to gain new patients and retain existing patients Choosing the right platforms for your business How to implement social media effectively in your dental practice

238: What is an Ideal Patient Avatar and Why Does it Matter?

Listen to 238: What is an Ideal Patient Avatar and Why Does it Matter?Dr Jesse Green explains the importance of knowing your ideal patient avatar. Learn how to develop an avatar, how to find and talk to these patients in a language they understand. A first step in really maximising the return you achieve on your marketing spend.

237: Risky Business - Don't Get Caught Short

Listen to 237: Risky Business - Don't Get Caught ShortOur conversation today will revolve around the topic of risk. The ability to assess and mitigate risk is a key business skill. It is something that I often discuss with my coaching clients. Last year, I wrote an article for Dental Innovations called Risky Business - Don’t Get Caught Short.   In this episode, I’ll be giving you a brief synopsis of that article as well as the lessons we can learn from the global financial crisis and COVID-19. I am also going to share opportunities, surprising things and key lessons that came out of the GFC and coronavirus pandemic. In this episode we discuss:   [01:39] The film that inspired me to write the article. [03:30] One of the most fundamental skills a business owner needs. [04:34] Where you need to proactively assess risk. [05:40] Lessons from the global financial crisis that could be applied to COVID-19.  [07:38] Surprising things that happened during COVID-19. [10:07] Opportunities out of the coronavirus pandemic. [11:38] Key lessons from the GFC and COVID-19.

236: Laying the Groundwork for Successful Marketing

Listen to 236: Laying the Groundwork for Successful MarketingDr Jesse Green talks about a big mistake when laying the groundwork for your business - making everyone your audience. He explains why being vanilla is the biggest marketing sin and gives us 5 big keys to market to your target audience.

235: REPUBLISH: How to Have a Productive Associate Dentist

Listen to 235: REPUBLISH: How to Have a Productive Associate DentistIn this solo episode, we are going to talk about how to have a productive associate in your practice. This is designed for both the business owner and associate where I will give tips on building your appointment book, generating revenue, creating pleasant experiences for clients, getting more referrals, and more to help grow your business. In this episode we discuss:   01:44: Helping dentists scale their business to a true business. 02:41: Building a team and having an associate/s. 03:00: Having an associate that is busy and productive while making a living from what they love. 04:20: Key points to look for when hiring an associate. 05:13: Key things that Jesse has learned from being an owner and associate. 05:35: For associates - Developing 2 skills outside clinical competence. 06:35: 1st Core Competency: Building an appointment book. 18:00: 2nd Core Competency: Generating Revenue. 20:47: 3 Ways to increase revenue. 23:25: Mentoring. 24:53: Principal dentists handing patients over to associates.