Porting your phone number is simpler than you might think and can help improve your profits and patient service. With Mango Voice, it’s as simple as a four-step process. 

  1. Mango needs to get your approval to move an existing number from one provider to another. This approval is called an LOA or Letter of Authority.
  2. Once you have completed an LOA, Mango will work with your provider to bring the number into Mango Voice
  3. Your provider will give Mango a release date of when the phone number can be moved.
  4. After your release date, Mango will take over your phone number.

Once the number has been assigned to the account, go to “My Numbers” and point it to an extension or Switchboard. If it is the default number for the company make sure it is E911 verified. To learn more see E911.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t cancel your previous provider until the port is completed and that Mango can provide temporary numbers for you to set up your system while you wait for your number to port.

Here are some of the many benefits of porting your phone number to Mango Voice.

1. Call Recording

One top feature Mango Voice provides is call recording. This allows you to manage your office communications with ease. Some of the benefits of the call recording feature are: 

  • Ensure your staff uses the appropriate sales techniques and is both polite and respectful on calls
  • Improve your patient experience by knowing what your team members are communicating to your patients
  • Resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently

You will also gain the ability to listen to previous calls to eliminate he-said/she-said customer service issues and validate customer complaints. 

2. Screen Pop Technology 

Another great feature you’ll get when you port your practice’s phone number to Mango Voice is screen pop technology. This feature makes it so that you can communicate to your dental staff the information they need – live when they answer the phone – with a seamless screen pop integration.

A screen pop integration will enable you to easily view customer balances, payment history, appointments, and more. Every practice is different, and so it is a plus that this feature is also customizable to your dental business needs. Another great benefit to screen pop technology is you can increase customer retention by skipping the initial call questions and build rapport with patients instead. 

3. Live Call Analytics

Analytics are an important part of understanding the performance of your communications between your patients and members of your dental office team.  Mango Voice provides analytics in the form of detailed reports that show how many calls you make and receive on a daily and hourly basis. 

This can be useful in many ways, such as identifying how well a marketing source or agent in your dental office performs on the phone.  Live call analytics can help you determine which days are busiest and which days are the most effective days to release marketing campaigns.

4. Secure eFax

Secure eFax is a great integration that you can utilize to send and receive faxes in your dental office safely and securely.  This includes Email-to-Fax where you can use your email to seamlessly send secure faxes. Another integration is Fax-to-Email which you can easily view faxes directly from your email inbox.

Your patient’s personal information must be secure, especially when faxing over medical records or documents. Secure eFax makes it so that you don’t have to worry about your patient’s information remains secure. 

Are you ready to port your practice’s phone number to Mango Voice?

Now that you know how easy it is to port your phone number to Mango Voice, what are you waiting for?

There are endless possibilities with Mango Voice’s integrations and features they provide. 

Check out our partner, Mango Voice’s, website to see the latest deal they are offering and port your practice’s phone number today.