You have so much on your plate at your practice. You are a business owner. You are a team leader. You are an office manager. You are a service provider. You do it all.

You deserve support. That means a rock start team. It means outside vendors who work hard for you and want you to be successful. It means systems and processes in your office that help you run smoothly.

And it means using technology to make everyone’s life easier. There’s no piece of technology that can help make your practice run smoother than a full dental office communication system.

Here are a few ways our partner, Mango Voice’s, communication system makes your life easier. If your phone system doesn’t stack up, now might be the time to upgrade.

1. Mango Desktop 

With Mango Voice, you get a powerful desktop app that allows you to interact with patients from a laptop, while on the go. You can sync your computer with your desktop phone and use click-to-call technology. You can receive real-time call alerts of incoming calls to your extension. The list goes on.

You can also get transcripts and recordings of every phone call with your patients. This is extremely important to be able to improve customer service. Understanding how well your dental staff communicates with patients will help you form a better connection and make improvements if necessary.

2. Mango Mobile

Your mobile phone is likely glued to you for most of the day. We live during a time where having a smartphone is extremely common, and it comes with a lot of perks.

With Mango Mobile, you get access to voicemails and phone call recording transcripts directly from your mobile phone. This is extremely handy and can allow your team to reply to patients faster and set up appointment times more efficiently. Mango Mobile makes it easier for you and your team to stay connected even from home. 

3. Mango Text

Mango Text is another helpful integration that Mango Voice offers. This feature allows you to enable auto-reply SMS and automated missed calls SMS. 

These features allow you to send automated messages to phone calls through texts when you are too busy to answer the phone. 

This is an extremely useful feature because you can let your patients or other doctors know you are away, and answer general questions without having to pick up the phone.

Are you ready to upgrade to a full dental office communication system?

If you want all of these integrations and more, check out our partner Mango Voice. They offer the latest phone system features for your ease and convenience. 

Invest in a phone system that is going to allow you to stay connected with your team and your patients all while making your job a little easier. 

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