The Latest Happenings in the Top Dental Facebook Communities

May 6, 2019 | 0

The Latest Happenings in the Top Dental Facebook Communities

If you’re looking to grow in the dental industry, join and engage with other dental professionals in the leading Dental Facebook Communities. In the communities, you’ll find thousands of dental professionals sharing ideas, advice, opinions, and more.

Here are just a few things that have happened recently in the four core Dental Facebook Communities: Nifty Thrifty Dentists, The Business of Dentistry, Trapped in an OP, and the Delivering WOW Dental Hangout.

Nifty Thrifty Dentists

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

In the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community, a lot is going on. They’re always getting together to coordinate group buys and help each other save money.

For example, one dentist asked the Nifty Thrifty community for advice and direction updating his website. He was troubled by the high rate one website designer quoted him to redo his website. He was sure that there was a cheaper alternative that would give him a good bang for his buck. So, he asked the community what they paid their website designers and if they had any recommendations. He wasn’t disappointed. Dozens of members pitched in with specific recommendations to dental website designers and showcased their own websites to prove that their recommendations would, indeed, give him a bang for his buck.

Like many discussions, the conversation continued beyond web design, too. One member was confused about what the difference between monthly payments and upfront payments when paying dental website designers. Not only did other dental professionals share their experiences, but dental website builders chimed in as well. They educated him about the prices they charge, what they do from month to month, and more.

The whole community benefited from the open and honest discussion, reminding everyone that if one person has a question, others probably do as well.

If you’re not a part of the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community and want to have thousands of dental professionals ready to help you reduce expenses and spend wisely, join today.

The Business of Dentistry

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

In The Business of Dentistry Facebook community, members joined together to give their best advice to a dentist who just opened a new practice.

Each member gave unique advice to get a practice up and running with a steady influx of new patients. For example, one member said that offering evening hours was a huge practice builder for him when he had just opened his new practice. A few members gave their best marketing tips to help the dentist demonstrate how their practice is unique and really catches the eye of prospective patients.

Other members shared how they used social media to grow. One member advocated for utilizing social media. In the beginning, she said, she grew her practice exclusively through Facebook. She just posted two to three times a week when she had opened her new practice. She shared the story of her practice as it grew from an idea to one with open doors. That built relationships with people on social media and resulted in her gaining an incredible and engaged following.

Some members said direct mail worked wonders for them. Others encouraged the dentist to get out in the community, show their face around town, and volunteer when they can.

Those were only a few tips. There were a bunch more tips from a number of successful dentists, sharing tips, specific advice, and referrals to other resources. If you haven’t joined The Business of Dentistry Facebook community, you can join now by going here.

Trapped in an OP

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

In the Trapped in an OP Facebook community, dentists rallied to help one member who was having trouble with hand exhaustion and carpal tunnel.

Members shared tips about what worked for them when they faced similar issues. For example, many members suggested wearing wrist braces at night, taking B-complex vitamins daily, going to a massage therapist who knows how to re-lengthen the muscle fibers, getting right and left fitted gloves, taking anti-inflammatory meds, and more.

If you struggle with or overcome hand issues, join the discussion in the Trapped in an Op community. You can join right here.

Delivering WOW

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

In the Delivering WOW Dental Hangout, members shared strategies for promoting new procedures. In this case, one member asked how they could promote their new Invisalign services and attract more Invisalign patients.

Members quickly jumped in to share marketing strategies and advice. For example, one member suggested using Facebook ads to target specific audiences such as engaged people, people on dating websites, high school graduates, speakers, realtors, and others.

Other members shared how to implement strategies using video and Facebook ads. And Anissa Holmes even shared an email template and the steps she uses with her done-for-you dental marketing clients to attract more Invisalign patients.

If you have not joined the Delivering WOW Dental Hangout, you can join right here.

Join the Communities

Dental communities like Nifty Thrifty Dentists, The Business of Dentistry, Trapped in an OP,  and the Delivering WOW Dental Hangout exist to offer you the support you need to grow as a dental professional. Join the discussions to get the encouragement and information you need from dental professionals all over the globe.