Everyone is on social media these days. As of January 2020, there were 3.8 billion people on social media in the world. That's more than half of the global population. It makes sense that an ad campaign on social media can advertise your dental practice to thousands and thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

One of the most important aspects for the growth of any small business is marketing. But back in the day, marketing often consisted of paying for a television ad, radio ad, or even going door to door with flyers. Now, thanks to social media, marketing is easier than ever before.

But even if you get your ads in front of every person in the world, that doesn't mean everyone is going to click on your page after seeing them. Your team might be the best of the best, you might have the latest technology, and you might be the most amazing dentist in the world. But people who are surfing social media usually aren't going to think much of your dental practice if you don’t showcase those things when they explore your page after seeing your ad on their newsfeed.

So, here are three ways to make sure your social media presence is enough to impress any potential patients.

1. Show your office with a live video tour.

Every practice is unique. And, hopefully, you’ve got an office you’re proud of. So, show off the unique qualities of your dental practice. What makes it stick out from the rest?

Give a live video tour of your office to make patients want to come in. They’ll be more likely to choose to get treatment at your practice after they get a video tour that promises them they’ll feel comfortable and entertained.

Do you have iPads they can play with while they wait in the lobby? Are you offering their favorite kind of coffee? Do you have massage chairs? All these types of things will make you seem a step above most dental practices. Most patients are sick of sitting in a stale-smelling lobby, in uncomfortable chairs, with nothing to peruse but magazines.

2. Endorse other small businesses by liking their content, sharing their posts, etc.

Most small businesses in your areas will have a Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter account, and so on. Liking those pages might make them like you back. Sharing their content might get them to return the favor.

Follow the mom & pop shop you go to for your dry cleaners on Twitter or Instagram. Like the Facebook page of the local restaurant down the street where you like to make reservations on special occasions. When patients see that their dry cleaners or favorite restaurant likes your page, you'll build credibility. And, at the very least, you’ll start to build relationships with other local business owners that will be helpful moving forward.

3. Have fun with social media updates and treat it like a platform you enjoy using to share your story with the world.

Are you having a staff birthday where your team treats each other like one big, happy family? Show the human side of your office. If it seems like a dull, clinical practice patients will be more worried about coming in to get treated. That's not what you should want. You should want them to be excited and happy to embrace a friendly practice culture.

What if you create a social media challenge with a creative hashtag? Invite other businesses to participate and create their own. Or maybe involve your patients by asking them to try and sing their favorite song with a retainer in. Something silly that’ll make people laugh and remember your practice in a positive light.

What are you doing for the social media aspects of your dental practice?

There are so many strategies to employ to increase the awareness of your practice through marketing. Social media is one of the best platforms to do it on. With more people going on social media these days, being a source of joy can help raise your practice profile.

What are you doing for the social media aspects of your dental practice? Let us know in the comments below!

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