Have you ever wanted to connect with dental professionals and get buy-in from other experienced specialists? You would be able to better serve your patients if you had more connections and input from dentists around the world.

That seems like a lot of work, though, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. It’s as easy as unlocking your iPhone, pressing an app, and joining a conversation. You can use your voice to make a difference in your patient’s lives. 

There is a new way to connect, and it’s an app called Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a voice-only live virtual networking platform. You can join any “room” you deem interesting as an audience member, and if you want to share something, you simply “raise your hand” and the speaker can pick on you. 

This is the perfect opportunity for dentists to be able to share their insights, ask questions and connect with a broader community. Here are a few ways you can better your practice through Clubhouse. 

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1. Continue to grow your practice.

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to grow your practice? It can be tiring spending money to send out advertisements in your area, especially when it doesn’t bring in new patients.

Clubhouse is up and coming and you’re going to want to be a part of the conversation. This app continues to grow daily, and there’s no doubt that the people in your community will want to join too. 

This is a great opportunity for you to talk about your area of expertise and not seem like a salesman while doing so. 

2. Get advice from specialists.

The great thing about Clubhouse is anyone can join in on the conversation- even a dental implant specialist from Canada. 

You might have questions about certain areas of dentistry that the people in your office can’t truly answer. And while Google has a lot of answers, it also has a lot of incorrect and non-specific answers.

With Clubhouse, you’ll be able to get advice and tips from a range of dental professionals on your specific questions. You’ll also be able to get a wide range of opinions, rather than just one.

3. Gain new perspectives.

Sometimes we get so used to our ways, that we forget there are new and better resources and tools out there for our practices.

Some people think, “why fix something that isn’t broken?” But, if you could drastically change your practice to work more efficiently and effectively, wouldn’t you consider it?

With Clubhouse, you’ll be able to discuss anything with other dentists from around the world. Whether that’s how they send out appointment reminders to what intraoral camera they use, how much they paid for it, and where they got it. 

The possibilities are truly endless with Clubhouse. You might even find that the way you run your practice isn’t as productive as it could be. 

Are you ready to join the conversation and grow your practice? 

To join Clubhouse, you’ll need an invite from a member. This shouldn’t be too difficult to get, considering it’s becoming more and more popular every day and everyone who joins gets an invitation to send out. 

Download the app today and reserve your username. Once you do that, any of your contacts that are members will be notified that you joined. They'll also and have the option to send you an invitation.

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