What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Email Marketing for Your Practice. 

Email marketing is sending advertisements in the form of emails to a personalized list of people. The goal of this for dental practices is to have repeat patients continue to come in, to gain new patients, and to gain feedback. 

Email marketing is a great way to get to know your patients' wants and needs better. It isn’t as hard as it may seem. Here are some tips to help get you started with email marketing for your practice.

Organize your contact lists.

The first and most important tip to email marketing is to organize your contact lists. You’ll want to separate your existing clients from potential clients and even keep tabs on how frequently they visit for appointments.

This makes it easier when creating emails because you’ll know who you are writing to. You don’t want to mix potential patients with existing patients because your wording and message will be different for both. 

Make the emails personalized.

Once you have your contact lists organized, you’ll want to make sure every email you broadcast is personalized. Whichever marketing platform tool you choose, there is an option to “enter the name” wherever you want in the email. This button will automatically insert the first name of each recipient once it goes out. 

For example, if you type “Hey, [first name}” it will automatically fill in the recipient’s first name. By doing this, you are making each email feel personal and your patients will feel a stronger connection to you and your practice.

Utilize the A/B test.

An A/B test allows you to test more than one subject line or call to action. This helps you to determine which wording generates more clicks and which you should be using going forward to writing more emails.

The A/B test could be testing if the subject line “My shiny teeth and me” or “they aren’t called pearly yellows…” will generate more patients to open the email. 

Provide incentives.

Providing incentives in the title or subject line will encourage your recipients to open the email. This will increase your open rate. 

Some ideas for incentives could be a free consultation or a discount on a whitening treatment. Make sure to put the incentive in the title or subtitle like “Do you want a free consultation today?” and keep track of how many patients open it.  

Take note of common questions and make an autoresponder list. 

You’ve likely noticed when going through your dental practice’s email inbox that your patients tend to ask a lot of the same questions. What’s great about this is you can create a list of responses for each and save yourself some time when it comes to responding. 

If you notice a lot of people keep asking “how much does a whitening treatment cost?” you can create an automatic response that you can cut and paste to save time. It might go something like this, “Hi [insert first name], thank you for reaching out and taking an interest in [insert practice’s name]. A whitening treatment typically costs around [insert dollar amount range] and on average takes between [number range] visits. If you have any more questions feel free to respond to this email. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, click here. 

Have a great day!

All the best,

[insert practice’s name]

Write compelling subject lines.

Your subject line is extremely important. It can be the difference between a patient reading your email or deleting it automatically. Utilize a subject line tester that will rate your length, wording, spam folder alerts, punctuation, and scannability. 

Insert links to your website landing page.

You’ll want to put links for your landing page in both the beginning and the end of your emails. This will help you analyze if your patients are more prone to click on links at the beginning or the end and determine where you place them in your following emails.

Are you ready to start email marketing for your dental practice?

Email marketing is easy once you get the hang of it. Once you master it, it can be the difference between seeing 45 patients a week or 60. 

Just make sure you have organized contact lists, are making the emails personalized, provide intriguing subject lines that include incentives, and insert links to your landing page. 

If you want more helpful tips on marketing your dental practice, check out our training videos here.