What’s Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

January 7, 2018 | 0

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

One of the best ways to improve your practice is to connect with the best people, information, and resources available. Years ago, that required expensive and time-consuming travel. Today, you can do that from anywhere around the world by joining the right Facebook communities.

Here is what’s going on in our four core Dental Facebook Communities, Nifty Thrifty Dentists, Delivering WOW, Trapped in an OP, and The Business of Dentistry.

Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook Community

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

The spirit of giving came to the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group. On December 9, Dr. Glenn Vo shared a Facebook Live video where he announced he was organizing The Nifty Thrifty-Spirit of Giving Back Event.

He asked vendors, coaches, consultants, and CE speakers to reach out if they were willing to donate a product or service to a dental professional in need. He then asked dental professionals who needed a helping hand to reach out and fill out a brief form to tell him more about their need.

Dr. Vo and his team matched needs with donors to bring a few lucky people a little help going into the New Year. In true Nifty Thrifty Dentists style, the community did not disappoint. Dr. Vo was overwhelmed by the generosity of the group and received donations from dozens of people and organizations.

On December 20, Dr. Vo announced the winners.

Dental professionals received planning sessions, coaching programs, cash, books, course memberships, workshop registration, mentorship, bootcamp memberships, a registration to the Smiles at Sea cruise, and more.

The generosity and positivity of the community is amazing. If you have not yet joined the Nifty Thrifty Dentists community, do so today.

Delivering WOW

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

Generosity was the theme in the Delivering WOW Dental community this month, too. In that group, Dr. Anissa Holmes gave every member an entire end-of-year marketing campaign for free.

She included everything they needed to conduct and end-of-year marketing campaign. She included all Facebook ad images, Facebook ad copy, patient newsletter copy, patient newsletter images, flier templates, and end-of-year videos. She even included instructions for how to use the materials.

The end of the year is an important time for dental practices. It is a time to use social media posts, Facebook ads, and postcards about utilizing the hard-earned money patients invest in dental coverage to get the care they need.

To use the information, all that members needed to do was download the images, videos, and copy, and add their practice name and contact information.

End-of-year marketing campaigns can be highly profitable, and every member of the community got a complete marketing campaign for free.

Join the Delivering WOW Dental Facebook community today.

Trapped in an OP

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

In the Trapped in an OP Facebook community, members shared success stories from this year. Dozens of members shared inspirational stories of success in their personal lives and their practices.

Here are just some of the success stories Trapped in an OP Facebook community members shared:

  • A member helped improve the oral health of many special needs patients. She made them and their families feel loved and important.
  • A member took control of her life. She found an office she loves that allows her to work two days per week. That freed her up to start a staffing agency with five offices interested in working with her.
  • Many members celebrated losing weight, ranging from twenty-two to ninety-four pounds.
  • A member provided $80,000 in treatment cases to underserved and underinsured through a nonprofit pilot program.
  • A member built a new website that converts four times as much as the old one.
  • Many members celebrated starting at new offices and transitioning out of the OP.

The personal and professional success stories were an inspiration to all members. If you have not joined the Trapped in an OP Facebook group, join today. Be sure to share your success stories, and connect with other members for encouragement and support.

The Business of Dentistry

What's Happening in the Dental Facebook Communities

In an anonymous post in the Business of Dentistry Facebook group, members discussed how to handle team members in crisis.

An anonymous practice leader shared how she received a call during the early morning from a hospital. One of her team members was in crisis and needed medical care. She hadn’t told her family yet and was terrified. She is a hard worker who fit in well but needed extended time off to get the help she needed. The anonymous practice leader did not know what to do and asked the community for advice.

Dozens of members replied with wisdom and offers of support and advice based on similar experiences.

Running the day-to-day operations of a dental practice while caring for patients and leading the business is hard enough. Many times, practice leaders feel as if they are on an island. They feel alone, with nobody to go to for advice on important issues like this.

The Business of Dentistry Facebook community really came through for this member with the support she needed during a difficult time. If you have not joined the Business of Dentistry Facebook community, do so today.

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Running a dental practice is so much easier when you are part of supportive communities like Nifty Thrifty Dentists, Delivering WOW, Trapped in an OP, and The Business of Dentistry. Join these groups to get tremendous support, encouragement, and information from thousands of dental professionals around the world.